Can I choose my own attorney for my auto accident case?

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Many people who have never used a Seattle injury attorney before tend to assume that if you hire a law firm to help you with a case, you are assigned to one of the firm’s attorneys who will work on your case from beginning to end.

This is usually not the case, unless you have hired a solo attorney or very small practice. At Premier Law Group, like many other law firms, attorneys, paralegals and support staff work together as a team. While this means you won’t actually have an attorney “of your own” at the firm, it does mean you get to benefit from the wisdom, experience and talent of an entire firm working as a single unit.

Find the right personal injury attorney for your case with this knowledge

A word of warning: Some firms will prey on the average consumer’s lack of knowledge about how law firms usually work. These firms are typically set up to churn out as many low-ball settlements as possible. At this type of law firm, one of the higher-up “superstar” attorneys will meet with the prospective client and talk them into signing the papers. After that, their case will get passed on to paralegals. Usually, there is no trial. The insurance company’s final offer is what you get, case closed.

The job of an attorney is actually fairly straightforward: Look at hard facts, analyze them, and present the client with the best possible options. There is no magic formula or secret superstar method for getting a fair settlement.

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