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As a Seattle distracted driving accident attorney, I always hope that people are paying attention to their driving, and in safe condition to drive. Early this morning, a man in his 20’s crashed his car through a fence and into the swimming pool at another family’s home in Vancouver according to FOX 12 Oregon News. The cover on the pool prevented the car from sinking to the bottom. The man got out, and began walking down the road where he was picked up by Clark County Firefighters and taken to the hospital, although they did not say whether he was injured. It is not clear what caused the young man to leave the road in the first place. There does not appear to been any other passenger, and no one in the home was injured.

It is very fortunate that no one appears to have been seriously injured in this accident. Had the car driven into the house itself rather than the pool, or had the pool been uncovered things might have turned out quite differently. In this case, we don’t know the actual cause of the accident, but it is possible that the driver was distracted in some way at the time. According to, 3,179 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2014, with 431,000 injured. Compared to 2009, distracted driving accidents have gone down with previous statistics claiming over 5000 people killed and nearly 450,000 injured. The use of electronic devices, including texting, talking on the phone and programming GPS devices are still among the leading causes of distracted driving but there are certainly plenty of other forms of distraction on the road. This is a significant problem, and the best solution I can see is for every person to be sure that when they drive, they are awake, alert, and focused on the task at hand.

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– Updated April 2016 –

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