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daycare accident attorneys in Seattle Federal Way Renton and BellevueMost parents of young children work. However, few work sites have onsite daycare. Because of this, working parents are often forced to leave their children at daycares. In doing this, they count on childcare centers to keep their children safe, well fed, and cared for. Although it’s no surprise that kids have small accidents. Of course, that’s normal. What is “not normal” are serious child daycare injury accidents.

Daycare neglect is a serious issue throughout the USA. Therefore, these injuries violate parents’ trust, cause emotional distress, and unexpected medical bills. Because of this, the worst case is childcare abuse. Sadly, thousands of daycare abuse cases are reported each year. lastly, the short- and long-term effects of childhood abuse are well documented.

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Personal Injury Lawsuit for Accidents at Daycare Facilities

Parents pay daycare centers to care for their children.  Daycare operators have one job.  They are to provide a safe environment, and ensure the health, safety and welfare of children.

This goes beyond monitoring daily activities.  They need to constantly supervise children.  Prevent bullying and physical attacks.  And keep dangerous items out of reach.  This includes maintaining playground equipment, and sanitizing indoor spaces and toys.

Premier Law Group is ready to fight for your child’s rights, if your child has been injured at a daycare facility.

Child Abuse and Neglect Claims

Daycare facilities charge a lot of money to care for people’s children. And parents pay daycare facilities to keep children safe. But caretakers who deliberately hurt children need to be held liable for the injuries they cause.

Premier Law Group’s experienced child injury attorneys have decades of experience managing child neglect and abuse cases. We hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions. Nothing can undo the harm that’s been done. But we use the law and get justice for parents and children.

Dangers at Schools and Daycare

Daycare facilities and schools are built for children.  Even with this, there are clear and present dangers where children are injured.

Some of the most common accidents in these facilities include:

  • Playground injuries
  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Assault by children or adults
  • School bus accidents
  • Classroom injuries
  • Sexual abuse
  • Defective products including playground and sports equipment, tainted foods

Injuries in these facilities result in permanent physical and emotional trauma.  These injuries also cause  financial hardships for parents.

Who is Responsible for After-School and Extracurricular Activities?

daycare accident Lawyers in Seattle Federal Way Renton and BellevueWhen children participate in after-school activities, the school is responsible for their safety and well-being.  This includes school clubs, sports, or band.

Most schools require parents to sign waivers for children’s after school participation.  This is the school’s attempt to make parents responsible for injuries that happen on school premises.

Parents – signing this waiver does not eliminate the responsibilities of the school and its employees. School employees — teachers, coaches, and staff members — are required to keep children safe during sports and activities.  It is their job to get prompt medical help for injured children.

They are held liable in court, when they don’t live up to this obligation.

Signs of Child Abuse in a Daycare Setting

Daycare center neglect and abuse can be hard to detect because parents are at work when daycare neglect and abuse is happening. Sadly, abusers scare kids and shame them. Lastly, they even tell kids it’s their fault they are being abused.

Parents!  Pay attention!  There are symptoms to watch for. The most prominent ones are:

  • Physical injuries — Unusual scrapes, bruises, or other serious injuries
  • Nightmares — there were no nightmares before going to the daycare
  • Behavioral Changes – Your child is not acting normally
  • Lack of Supervision — No daycare workers supervising children outside
  • Regression – Your child starts acting like a baby or toddler
  • Extraordinary Thirst and Hunger – Your child is always hungry and thirsty
  • Excessive shyness — Embarrassed to take off their clothes, or take baths, or run from strangers

If you observe any of these symptoms, it is critical that you find out what’s happening.  Things you can do are:

  • Talk With Your Child – do this in a non-threatening, quiet way, don’t frighten your child or in any way make your child feel responsible
  • Contact Other Parents – discreetly ask how their children are acting
  • Pay a Surprise Visit to the Daycare – look for lack of supervision, unsanitary conditions, bullying and other bad behaviors
  • Get A Medical Check-up – do this the moment you suspect physical abuse and coercion

What About Bullying and Harassment?

Bullying and harassment has become rampant across the United States. These behaviors are directly linked to abuse and injuries. In fact, school bullying and harassment cause children to take their own lives. They cannot face living with the bullying, ridicule and harassment.

Parents need to take aggressive legal action when school administration does end bullying and harassment. The best action is hiring a strong attorney with experience in bullying and harassment. Schools are negligent if they do not protect your child.

Liability in School and Daycare Accidents

Teachers and school staff are negligent if they don’t provide if they do not stop bullying and harassment. But, public schools are government entities. Therefore, there are strict laws that apply to filing claims for public school negligence.

In our state, all daycare facilities must have a license. Facilities without a license are responsible for any accidents and injuries in their facilities, simply for lack of licensing.

Daycare Release Forms

Like schools, daycares make parents sign release forms, or waivers.  Parents — no liability release form or waiver can protect the daycare staff from negligence.

Examples of daycare center negligence include:

  • Firstly, failure to provide supervision
  • Leaving hazardous materials where children get into them
  • Not maintaining playground equipment
  • Failure to sanitize inside spaces and toys
  • Lastly, physical abuse

Historically, courts rule in the parents’ favor, with or without a signed release form or waiver. Courts will always act on behalf of the child. Because of this, the fact that parents sign a waiver before an accident typically doesn’t matter. In conclusion, daycare centers can and will be liable.

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