Legal Aid Following an Eye Injury or Vision Loss

Many people take their vision for granted. We don’t think about how fortunate we are to be able to see.  However, an eye injury can result in partial vision loss or complete blindness.  It can also lead to a long, painful recovery, which could negatively impact your life. It could also leave you unable to work if you can’t perform the tasks needed for your job any longer.

If someone has caused you a serious eye injury, then you deserve compensation. Eye injuries are expensive, and not only because of medical bills. Without vision, you may need to switch careers, modify your home, or even work with an aide who can help you in your day-to-day life. You should not have to shoulder this financial burden alone, especially if your accident was someone else’s fault.

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Causes of Eye Injuries

Although some diseases can result in partial or total blindness, accidents are far more likely to cause eye injuries and vision loss. Because your eyes are so delicate, and always exposed, any trauma to the eye, or to the brain, can result in serious injury. Vision loss is very common following a severe injury.

Some of the most frequent accidents that lead to these injuries are:

If you are suffering from any of these accidents, then you may be currently suffering from vision loss or damage to your eyes. Although the bills may be costly, it is important to get immediate medical help if you have not already. Nothing is more important than your health, and eye injuries can result in lasting consequences.

Eye Injuries

The human eye has a number of different parts, and all of these parts work together to allow us to see properly. When even one of these components has damage, it can affect the entire eye. Even smaller injuries, such as a scratch to the cornea can lead to more serious complications. For instance, a damaged cornea can leave the entire eye susceptible to infection.

Common Eye Injuries

There are a variety of ways that your vision could suffer. Some of the most common are:

  • Penetrating injuries: These often result from car accidents, and involve something actually entering and damaging the eye. These injuries can result in total blindness as well.
  • Chemical burns to the eye: This type of eye injury is possible at construction sites, workplaces, and even schools. These burns cause redness and burning in the eye, and cause a great deal of pain. They can also damage your vision permanently, depending on the chemical and how long your eye was exposed before flushing out your eye.
  • Traumatic iritis: This is a very common injury to the iris. It is inflammation caused by blunt trauma to the eye. Though the inflammation usually resolves itself, infection is a serious risk and can also permanently damage your vision.
  • Swollen eyelids: Swollen eyelids are a sign of eye damage following an accident. In these cases, the eyes have suffered blunt trauma, and the eyelids have swollen so much that the eyes are practically shut. Swollen eyelids usually heal on their own, but there is always the potential for infection. Other serious conditions could arise as well if the eye does not get proper treatment.

Not all eye injuries are immediately obvious. In fact, one of the most common causes of vision loss is the brain, and is not noticeable to the eye at all. In such a case, your eyes may be operating perfectly, but damage to your brain can leave you with slight or complete vision loss.

Loss of Vision & Brain Injuries

Although injuries directly to your eye can cause vision loss, you can still lose your vision when your eyes are functioning normally. Your eyes are only a part of how you see. They take in light through the pupil. This light is then converted into information. This information then goes through the optic nerve to the occipital lobe, in the back of the brain. The brain finally takes this information and converts it into an image, allowing you to see. The entire process takes milliseconds, however, you sense no delay between what you are seeing and what is actually happening.

Due to the role it plays in your ability to see, if the occipital lobe has damage, then you could lose your sight, partially or completely. On the other hand, if your optic nerve, which runs from your eyes to your brain, has damage, that could also lead to partial or full loss of vision. If you experience a blow to the head, you should seek medical attention right away.  Even if you don’t notice any loss of vision right away. The injury can take time to cause blindness, and any treatment available will be time sensitive.

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