School Injury Accidents

school injury accident attorneys in SeattleNo matter where children go, they have a right to health, safety, and happiness. This includes going to school. Schools and school districts exist to educate our children. Teachers and staff alike are responsible for the health and safety of all students. Wherever children go, accidents and injuries follow. School injury accidents cause children to fall behind in their classes. And parents and guardians have unexpected medical bills. Even worse are school injury accidents that cause disability, and loss of life.

Was your child hurt in a school accident? If yes, parents and guardians need to act immediately on your loved one’s behalf. Children injured while under teacher or staff supervision may be eligible to file a claim against the school or district.

We are experienced school injury lawyers. Our lawyer will review your child’s injury and explain your rights. We are prepared to go to bat for your family and demand compensation for your injuries.

What You Need To Know About Claims Involving Minors

Parents and guardians – do you know that child injury claims have special legal rights? In fact, there are significant differences between school liability claims as compared to adult injury claims.  Some key differences between school injury accidents and adult injuries are:

  • Statute of Limitations: Our state has a 3 year limitation on filing claims for adults. However, children under 18, have an extended period of time to file injury claims.
  • Judgment and Attentiveness:   Our courts recognize that children do not have the awareness of adults. They do not know how to prevent the injuries and accidents they have. Adults are liable to a different standard of judgment.
  • Age of Majority:  In our state, children under age 18 cannot hire lawyers to file claims on their behalf. A parent or guardian has to hire an attorney, to file school liability claims.
  • Future Lost Wages:   Children who are seriously injured and may never be able to work, can file a legal claim for “future lost wages.”
  • Trust Accounts:  Courts will set up trust accounts for children under age 18 who are awarded injury settlement monies. When the child reaches the age of majority — which is 18 — they are entitled to these monies.
  • Wrongful Death:  If the school injury results in the death of your child, a personal representative needs to file a wrongful death claim. Normally, parents and guardians are the personal representative. However, the court can assign other people to hold this role.

Read Attorney Jason Epstein’s Book on Child Injury Claims

school injury accident lawyers in SeattleBrain injuries are frightening. The effects of a brain injury can be long-reaching and unpredictable. This is especially true for children.

We wrote this book to help parents prevent brain injuries from happening to their children. If your child experiences a brain injury, this book helps guide you through the complicated claims process.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with insurance adjusters
  • Why personal injury claims are different when they involve minors
  • How to choose the best attorney for your case

Speak With a Washington Child Injury Lawyer

First, focus on your child’s health and welfare. Get good medical care as soon as possible.

Then go to the school, and collect evidence wherever the child’s school injury accident happened. You need all evidence that explains how your child was injured – where the injury happened and the causes.

The next step is contacting the school principal to set up an in-person meeting. The seriousness of your child’s accident may require that you get advice from a Seattle personal injury lawyer. You want to be ready with your best next steps.

The Need For Experts in Lawsuits for School Injury Accidents

Experienced child injury lawyers in Seattle Federal Way Renton and BellevueNo child should ever be in harm’s way by school and staff workers. Every child’s school injury accident on school grounds is serious. If your child has an injury at school, parents and guardians need to talk with an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer.

Call Premier Law Group!  Our experienced attorneys will fight for the rights and of you and your child. We will get your family the compensation that you deserve.

You always work directly with an attorney and we are available to you 24/7. Our expert child injury attorneys have access to daycare center and operator records. We compile all the evidence to build a strong case. Our job is to negotiate on your behalf and get a fair settlement, all you need to focus on is getting better!

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