Information About Hematoma Injuries

Disseminated Purpuric Lesions causing hematoma injuriesUnfortunately, most everyone will have a hematoma injury sometime.  For instance:  have you ever had a swollen blood-filled purplish bruise?  If yes, then welcome to the club!  You, too, have experienced a hematoma injury.

Most hematomas just go away, as the swollen purplish tissues absorb all the collected blood.

But open head hematoma injuries are a whole other matter.  These injuries leave the brain “exposed” to contaminants – like bacteria, viruses, molds and other environmental elements.  In fact, hematoma injuries directly cause serious brain infections that many accident victims never recover from.

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious life-changing hematoma injury?  Did you lose someone you love to this kind of accident?  Are you dealing with horrendous medical bills?  And rightly scared for your future?

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Hematoma Injuries Defined

What exactly are “hematoma injuries?”  Well, these happen when blood collects around the injured blood vessel wall.  As the bruise is forming, the blood builds up and seeps out into the surrounding body tissues.  This pool of blood has basically clotted and depending on the injury, it can form a sizable lump.

Most hematomas just go away with time, as the body absorbs the pool of blood.  Eventually, the body repairs and heals the blood vessel wall.  On the other hand, serious hematomas require medical care and far more healing time.  Oftentimes, they require surgery to remove the built up blood and to prevent blood clots from traveling the circulation system and into the heart or brain.

Causes of Hematoma Injuries

Hematoma injury Any trauma to a blood vessel wall will cause hematoma injuries.   For example:  you hit a fingernail with a hammer, and end up with a blood clot (hematoma) under the nail.  Over time, this kind of hematoma injury heals itself.  The swelling goes down as the blood is absorbed into the body tissues around the injury.

But serious hematoma injuries have a range of different causes.

For example, they happen in:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Falls
  • Invasive Surgical and Dental Procedures
  • Medical Conditions That Cause Side Hematomas
  • Medication and Supplements Side Effects
  • Spontaneous Hematoma with No Identifiable Cause

Types of Hematomas

Doctors have names for different hematoma injuries that are based on their location in the body.  Here are some examples and their description:

  • Subdural Hematoma:  a pool of blood, located between the brain tissue and the inside lining of the brain
  • Spinal Epidural Hematoma:  a hematoma located between spinal column vertebra and the outside lining of the spinal cord
  • Intracranial Epidural Hematoma:  blood pools between the skull and the outside lining of the brain
  • Subungual Hematoma:  a blood clot under a fingernail
  • Intra-abdominal, Peritoneal, or Retroperitoneal Hematoma:  any blood collected inside the abdominal cavity
  • Ear or Aural Hematoma:  a blood clot between the cartilage of the ear and the overlying skin
  • Splenic Hematoma:  a blood clot inside the spleen
  • Hepatic Hematoma: a liver hematoma injury

Symptoms of a Hematoma Injury

Hematoma injury on the brainSimple hematoma injuries are known for causing pain, swelling, redness, and big purplish bruises.

But more serious hematoma injuries have far more significant symptoms and health impacts.

It is so important that victims and their families know the symptoms so you can get the medical help you need.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Subdural:  headache, neurological weakness on one side, difficulty speaking, falling, confusion, and seizures
  • Epidural:  severe back pain, overall core weakness, loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Subungual:  Nail pain and weakness,  loss of nail, disfiguring nail conditions
  • Splenic, Hepatic, or Peritoneal:   severe abdominal and flank of the body pain

Of all these hematoma injuries are particularly hard to find.  This is because the injury is not in any of the body’s organs.  It’s floating in the abdominal space, and the body cannot absorb it.  Abdominal hematomas allow toxic infections to take up house keeping in the victim’s body.  When this happens, the victim is in critical medical condition.  It is crucial that the injury victim get immediate medical care.

Getting Legal Help After Your Hematoma Injury

It’s no surprise that victims and their families need legal help after a hematoma injury accident.  For one thing, the injured victim may not be able to act on their own behalf, due to their injuries.  For another, claims adjustors for the negligent party are aggressive.  Their job is to get the injured party to sign off on their settlement offer.

There are many compelling reasons that require the help of an experienced Seattle personal injury attorney.   For example, your hematoma injury was caused by:

  • A negligent driver
  • A negligent uninsured driver
  • Your employer, who’s threatening you with loss of employment if make a claim
  • Worker’s Compensation has yet to kick in
  • A retailer whose negligence caused your fall

All the while, your hematoma injury side effects have gotten so much worse.  You cannot work nor can you take care of your family.

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  • Collect Police Reports
  • Talk with Eyewitnesses
  • Secure Safety Records from Employer and Retailer
  • Determine accident fault and negligence

From this fact-finding, your attorney builds your case and files claims for compensation.  We negotiate FOR YOU and your loved ones.

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