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Seattle Road Accidents And Injuries

Seattle traffic accident lawyersYou’ve probably landed on this page because you were injured in a traffic accident in Seattle. At Premier Law Group, we see the consequences of road accidents every day. We’re a group of Seattle traffic accident lawyers, but we prefer to think of ourselves as good people helping good people make great decisions about their legal issues. We’re deeply sorry that you’re dealing with the fallout of a traffic accident. This page is a great initial resource for helping you understand your situation and what to do about it.

Below we address frequently asked questions. These include: Do I have a claim? What are the different types of road accidents? What’s my case worth? What does it cost to hire a Seattle car accident lawyer? What do I look for in a lawyer? Should I have certain expectations of the legal process? And what do I do now? You’ll also learn a bit about our traffic accident attorneys and how we can help you put your life back together.

Do I Have A Claim?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to figuring out whether you have a claim. First, we have to consider negligence. Basically, if someone did something wrong or unreasonable, we can say that they were negligent. You must be able to prove that someone else’s negligent behavior caused your accident in order to have a claim.

Second, there’s a difference between a property claim and injury claim. If someone else’s negligent behavior damaged your vehicle, you probably have a property claim against the insurance company. If you were injured in the accident, you probably have an injury claim, too. Seattle traffic accident attorneys typically only represent people who have injury claims.

Further, some injury claims are simple enough that you can settle them yourself. Others require an experienced lawyer with expertise in traffic accident cases to achieve full and fair compensation.

“I contacted Premier Law Group after being hit by a drunk driver. Seeing how irresponsible the other driver was, I wanted to make sure my family has proper representation. I worked with Jason who walked me through the nuances of the proceedings, answered all my questions and made sure to make it all easier for us. Thank you!” Bogdan Berg

The easiest way to figure out whether you have a claim is to contact Premier Law Group for a free initial consultation. You’ll speak directly with an Seattle auto accidentattorney – not just a receptionist or intake specialist. Unlike some law firms, we’ll be upfront about whether you even need a Seattle traffic accident lawyer to settle your claim. You’ll also see that we’re real people who help real people with real problems. We aim to provide an experience and outcome that makes things as right as possible. Call 206.285.1743.

What Are The Different Types Of Traffic Accident Cases in Seattle?

Car Accident Cases: Car accidents may be the most common type of traffic accident and personal injury case in Seattle. For something so common, it can have a major impact on your life. The Seattle traffic accident lawyers at Premier Law Group deal with the consequences of car accidents every day.

Motorcycle Accident Cases: There’s a surprising number of motorcycle accidents in Seattle. Unfortunately, when motorcycles collide with bigger and more powerful vehicles, or go off the road, the outcome can be grave. Our attorneys know all about motorcycle accidents because we’ve been in them.

Bicycle Accident Cases: Like motorcycle crashes, accidents involving bicycles can be extremely serious. We’re fortunate to live in a bike-friendly city, but some drivers are still careless and even reckless. We recommend consulting an experienced bike accident attorney for these situations (we offer free consultations).

Truck Accident Cases: Seattle harbors serve as important trading ports in the nation. This means there are a great deal of tractor-trailers and other trucks coming to and leaving from the area. Truck accident cases are often complicated. It is best to consult a truck accident attorney in our office.

Pedestrian Accident Cases: Pedestrian accidents take place just about everywhere – in parking lots, in traffic heavy areas, on residential roads, and even crosswalks. You may have a good claim for compensation if a vehicle hit you when, as a pedestrian, you should have had the right of way.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Jon Lee for the dedicated and detailed effort he put towards my case.  Any settlement at all would have been difficult without Jon’s help.  We teamed up and took the issue all the way thru a jury trial. Jon made the risks clear and provided the facts to make informed decisions.  I would use Premier Law Group and especially Jon Lee again.”Garrett Stronks

What’s My Injury Case Worth?

At Premier Law Group, we get the question “what’s my injury case worth?” a lot. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a complete answer without detailed information about your situation. We can look at comparable cases and the compensation that those people received, but even then, it’s important to understand that every single case is different. If you broke your back in a car accident and someone else did the same, your case results will always be different. Each accident has a unique set of circumstances, injuries impact people differently, people have different recoveries, they need different types of medical accommodations, and so on. Additionally, we can never really know what your case is worth until you are done treating and we have a prognosis. Then we can work up a detailed account of how much money you need and deserve.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Seattle Traffic Accident Lawyer?

Premier Law Group Zero Fee GuaranteeSome lawyers charge by the hour. The Seattle traffic accident attorneys at Premier Law Group work on contingency instead. That means we charge a percentage fee after we achieve compensation. If we don’t win, there’s no legal fee – that’s our “no fee guarantee”. People tend to prefer this way of doing things because they don’t have to pay fees up front and they don’t have to pay their lawyer money that they don’t yet have. At Premier Law Group, we offer free initial consultations to people injured in traffic accidents. Our hope is to bring peace and comfort to those we are fortunate enough to help. Call 206.285.1743 to schedule your free initial consultation today.

“I am so glad I choose Premier Law Group. They worked really hard to ensure that I got compensated really good even after the insurance company of the at fault driver refused to offer good compensation. Jason Epstein, Audrey Harper, Kristina Ohlinger and Syuzanna Baliyan were so helpful. I would definitely recommend Premier Lw Group , PLLC to any person involved in car accident and seeking compensation.”Judith Wanyonyi

What Do I Look For In A Seattle Traffic Accident Lawyer?

There are a few things to look for in a Seattle Traffic accident attorney. Perhaps the most important quality to look for is expertise. Expertise comes from a great deal of experience and specialization in helping people injured in road accidents. At Premier Law group, we’ve been winning traffic accident cases for many years. We’ve also made this our area of focus. Lawyers who don’t typically handle traffic accident cases probably don’t have the confidence and know-how to advocate for the best possible outcome. We’re not afraid to challenge the insurance companies and aim for the greatest result, even if it means going to trial. When a lawyer has expertise in one area, they generally get great results for clients. Call 206.285.1743 to schedule a free consultation and get to know our Seattle traffic accident lawyers.

What Should I Expect From The Legal Process?

Our Seattle traffic accident lawyers follow a four-step process:

  1. After discussing your case with you and gathering all your medical documents, we make a demand to the insurance company for an appropriate settlement. If the insurance company offers a settlement in response, we help you decide whether to accept or pursue the case further.
  2. If settlement fails to get you the compensation you deserve, we file your complaint legally. The defendant will answer our complaint and we enter what is known as the Discovery Process. This is when both sides gather and share the evidence for their case. We help you by gathering the supporting documents you need to demonstrate the extent of your injury and your need for compensation.
  3. The next step is Mediation. Both parties go before a judge or mediator to negotiate by exchanging offers and counter-offers until we reach a settlement, or until we decide to move on to a trial. In most cases, we settle a case before you have to go to court, which saves you time and hassle.
  4. If we proceed to a Trial, your Seattle traffic accident attorney argues your case and the opposing party states their defense before a judge or jury. The judge or jury decides if the defendant is liable and, if so, determines how much they are required to pay you.
“Jason and his team did a great job with my case. I came to Premier Law Group after a car accident and they made me feel comfortable. They explained things so I understood what to expect. Their communication was great! They were always quick to respond and updated me on everything. I would refer Jason and his team to anyone who needs a good Personal Injury Attorney!”Jenelle Thomas

What Do I Do Now?

We recommend doing two things as soon as possible to preserve the value of your claim. First, you’ll want to preserve any evidence of the accident. Ideally, you’ll have pictures of the accident scene, pictures of your injuries immediately after the accident, and contact information for those involved, including witnesses. It also helps to take pictures of skid marks on the pavement (if they exist) and of the general area. Take pictures of your injuries as they are healing and write down your memory of the accident so that you don’t forget important details. If someone called the authorities after the accident (the police or 911), contact the authorities right away to ask for recordings of those calls. If there’s video surveillance of the area, you may even be able to get a copy of the tape that captures the accident happening.

The second thing you should do now is contact us for a free initial consultation. You only have a certain window of time in which you may pursue your claim, and this window depends on the unique circumstances of your traffic accident. Part of our mission is to inform everyone who contacts us about their legal options – whether we represent them or not. And if we decide to work together, we’ll deliver the best possible service and outcome for your case. Call 206.285.1743 to schedule your free initial consultation today.

“Patrick and the entire team were very professional and relentless with gathering all information and facts. His entire team never stopped asking questions and stayed on task to best represent my claim and myself, as an individual. In the end, I am more then satisfied and will be more than happy to recommend his service to anyone.”Cas Cedillo

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