What To Do After An Underride Accident?

Our expert Seattle Federal Way Bellevue Renton lawyers can helpThere are some important dos and don’ts If you or someone you love has been in a “truck underride” accident.

  • Do get a medical exam after the accident.  Your health is first and foremost.  Some injuries don’t show up until after the accident.  Go to your doctor and have a complete post-accident exam.
  • Do take pictures of the accident scene.  Take pictures of your vehicle, the truck, license plate numbers, truck logo, etc.
  • Do get complete truck driver details.  Get the driver’s name, license number, phone number, insurance information.  And get the same for the truck company —  company name, address, insurance and phone number.
  • Do get accident eyewitnesses details.  Ask for names, phone numbers, email and home addresses.  After the accident, contact them and make notes of what they saw.
  • Do not make Social Media Posts About Your Accident — unless you need accident eyewitnesses.  Truck company insurance claims people search social media for accident victims’ posts.  They are looking for damaging statements so they can deny your claims.  The only time to make social media posts is when you need accident eyewitnesses.
  • Do not speak with anyone other than the police and accident eyewitnesses at the accident scene.  Truck companies frequently send insurance investigators to underride truck accidents.  The purpose is get your statement at the scene of the accident.  They will summarize, ask you to sign, and use the document later to deny your claims.  They even show up at the hospital and talk to you or your relatives.
  • Do select an underride truck accident personal injury attorney.  As soon as possible, hire a personal injury attorney.  You need someone to investigate your accident, collect evidence, and figure out the cause of the underride accident.

Have you or a loved one been injured in an underride truck accident?  Did you lose someone you love in the accident?  Are you dealing with horrendous medical bills?  And rightly scared for your future?

Let Premier Law Group help!

Our attorneys have firsthand knowledge and experience with the devastating personal injuries and fatalities caused by these accidents.  In fact, they will make sure you have a complete medical exam.  Injuries can reveal themselves long after the accident.

Most importantly, our expert Seattle underride truck accident attorneys know how to deal with truck companies’ claims people.  We do a thorough accident investigation.  Then, we hold truck companies responsible for paying claims.

Let us collect the evidence and deal with truck insurance claims adjustors.  That’s what we do!  We fight for you, while you focus on getting better!

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Types of Underride Cases We Handle

Underride truck accidents happen in three ways.  These are:

  • Rear Underride — when a vehicle slides under the truck trailer.
  • Side Underride — a vehicle goes under the side of the truck trailer.
  • Front Underride – a vehicle is rear-ended by a truck, or the truck/trailer backs into and rolls over the vehicle.

Evidence including police and eyewitness reports clearly show the cause of the underride truck accident.

What Are The Causes of Underride Collisions?

There are common causes of underride truck accidents.  They include:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Failure to use underride guards
  • Mechanical and brake failure
  • Inexperienced truck driver errors

Motorists may be unaware of the hazards that sharing the road with truck drivers present.  But the statistics for underride accidents are frighteningly clear.

Seattle Underride Truck Accident Statistics

Seattle Federal Way Bellevue Renton truck underride accident attorneysSadly, underride truck accidents are on the rise in Seattle and across the United States.  In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board reports that 53.9 percent of all front and side impact crashes involved “underride.”  

Consider these facts from the NTSB’s latest report:

  • 8,726 car crashes involved side underride with tractor/trailer trucks
  • 4,124 car crashes involved side underride with single unit trucks
  • 2,309 passenger vehicle crashes were rear underride accidents with trucks
  • 70% of the rear underride crashes were fatality accidents

But some motorists also make bad driving choices.  What if you are found partially at fault for the underride accident?

Can I Still File a Lawsuit If I Was Partially At Fault For My Underride Accident?

In a word, yes.  In Washington State, people can file claims and recover damages, regardless of fault.  The state will view your situation as part of the “comparative fault” system.  Basically, you are partly responsible, and so is the truck driver.

Your damages will be based on the percentage of fault that you bear for causing the accident.

Based on police and eyewitness reports, the fault will be established.  And your attorney will review this with you when you meet.  .

Do I Need An Underride Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you do.  Truck companies have whole legal teams whose sole purpose is to deny victims’ claims.  Insurance adjustors will record your statement, send you a settlement offer, and demand you sign off.

Meanwhile, you are in shock, attempting to collect photos and evidence, and injured.  You probably are not able to work.  You may not ever return to the job that you normally do, because of your injuries.

Yes, you do need an underride accident lawyer.  Your personal injury attorney is your “difference maker.”  The attorney knows all the legal maneuvers truck firms use to get out of paying victims claims.  Let the attorney deal with the claims adjustors.  You focus on regaining your life.

Why Choose Premier Law Group To Handle My Case?

The Premier Law Group Difference!

auto accident attorney Patrick J. KangAs your “difference maker,” you always work with YOUR ATTORNEY — not just a paralegal.  We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, and help you build your case.

Most importantly, our expert attorneys know the best strategy against the insurance company, and how to collect all the evidence from your underride truck accident.

For example, your attorney will:

  • Collect Police Reports
  • Secure Eye-witness Reports
  • Subpoena Truck Maintenance Records
  • Analyze Pre-trip Truck Inspection Logs
  • Review Truck Repair Records
  • Subpoena and Review Truck Driver Accident Records

From this fact-finding, your attorney builds your case and files claims for compensation.  We negotiate FOR YOU and your loved ones.

Don’t sign off on an insurance claim until you talk with us.  Focus on healing, and let your lawyer collect evidence and handle the claim details.

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