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Any drunk driving incident is sickening to hear or read about, but those involving cops doing the drinking and driving are especially unsettling. 39-year-old David M. Bisard was a police officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department when he was arrested after a fatal accident that he had caused. He had been driving his patrol car three years ago when he hit two motorcyclists, killing one of them. He walked away with his driver’s license, despite the fact that his BAC was 0.19.

It was no surprise that Bisard did it again, as a lot of drunk drivers do. He was arrested last weekend after being given a Breathaluzer test. His results were 0.17, more than twice the legal limit of .08. Bisard originally denied that he had been drinking, but later took back his word. He admitted to “drinking since noon” and had more than a couple. In the most recent incident, Bisard fortunately did not hit any people. Instead, he ran into a speed-limit sign, guardrail and power pole in the city of Lawrence, Indiana.

Police officers are usually expected to help keep our roads and communities safe; not contribute to danger. It appears that Bisard missed that clear memo – twice. We can only hope that this time he will be charged and punished properly so that he cannot make the same poor choices for a third time.

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