Washington Cosmetic Surgeon’s License Suspended After Patient Death

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On September 19th, a popular cosmetic surgeon in King County lost her license to practice medicine due to numerous incidents of negligence.

Dr. Kristine Brecht has been practicing medicine since 2004, and she started her own clinic in Burien, Washington treating patients with non-surgical and surgical procedures. Her website menu features many services, including “mommy makeovers,” liposuction, body contouring, microdermabrasion, and more.  The former physician’s website also features her work in “Sculpting for Surgeons” and her presentations on the “Anatomy of Fat” and fat transfer procedures.

In 2021, Brecht was placed on probation with “significant practice restrictions, some of which were permanent.” Dr. Brecht initially complied with the order, but then it was discovered that she was operating an unlicensed surgical center.

After further investigation by The Washington Medical Commission (WMC), her license to practice medicine was permanently revoked.

The full extent of the damage caused to the public by Dr. Kristine Brecht has yet to be determined. At least one person lost their lives after they were given only oral sedation and nitrous oxide for a three-and-a-half-hour procedure. There could be many others, some of whom probably don’t know they are victims.

Cosmetic surgery, like any other medical procedure, is usually kept private. A cosmetic surgery patient may not talk about their injuries with anyone other than their physician, who may be trying to hide the real nature of their complaints.

To comply with the license suspension, Dr. Brecht must notify her patients of her license suspension within 21 days. When and if those notices are sent, patients of Dr. Brecht may find out they were victims of her clinic’s negligence. Now that Dr. Brecht’s license has been revoked, her patients will finally get the help they need.

Premier Law Group is a top-rated law firm in King County that specializes in medical malpractice cases. We want to reach out to any victims of Dr. Brecht’s negligence and provide them with the legal assistance they need to get the justice they deserve.

This is an open invitation for any former patient of Dr. Brecht to contact Premier Law Group. We want to reach victims of Dr. Brecht and her clinics, and our attorneys welcome all calls from those patients.

If you’ve experienced any of these situations during your treatment of Dr. Brecht, please contact Premier Law Group:

  • You were injured during a surgical procedure or developed an infection afterward
  • You were told not to get a second opinion about your complaints and that your surgery needed “time to heal.”
  • You weren’t given adequate pain medication or anesthesia during your surgery
  • You were left in the care of someone unqualified to practice medicine or administer anesthesia
  • You weren’t told about all the risks of the surgery before you consented to it

If you or a loved one has been injured by Dr. Kristine Brecht, please call the attorneys at Premier Law Group at 253- 525-1940 for a free consultation. We want to hear about your experiences at this “mad scientist” clinic and explore how we can help.

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