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It’s unnerving enough knowing that people in smaller cars are driving while distracted, but to know that some semi truck drivers are as well is even more unsettling. One truck driver’s actions this morning ruined the Tuesday commute for hundreds of people. The accident happened just after 7 AM this morning on I-405 southbound near Renton. The truck driver, a 29-year-old man from Olympia, was driving a semi filled with tens of thousands of pounds of bread. He reportedly hit three vehicles, and then rolled his tractor-trailer rig, where it came to rest across all four lanes of southbound traffic.

Drivers had to wait an hour and a half before any lanes of traffic were reopened, and vehicles were halted while the semi was removed from the road. A few hours later, only two lanes were completely reopened.

Despite the mess caused traffic-wise, drivers were just thankful that nobody was hurt. Many people on the road were thrown off, late to where they were attempting to get to, or shaken up, but there were no serious injuries, which is pretty astounding considering the massiveness of the semi. The driver has since been cited for second-degree negligent driving. That particular citation comes with a $550 fine. If that isn’t reason enough to not be distracted while driving, then we’re not sure what is!

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