Expertise Awards Premier Law Group As Best Car Accident Lawyers In Renton In 2021

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It is an honor for Premier Law Group to receive the “Best Car Accident Lawyers in Renton 2021” award. Our mission at Premier Law Group will always be to provide the very best legal service to our clients. Not just in Renton, but in Seattle, Bellevue, and Federal Way as well.

After hearing about receiving the award, owner and attorney Jason Epstein said “Our auto accident attorneys may get most of the recognition, but it’s our entire staff that make the difference here. The whole team comes together to fight for what’s best for our clients. It’s not just because we have the best car accident lawyers, but because we have the best group of people.”

“Our clients are good people, who have just been put in a tough spot.” Said Patrick Kang, another attorney and owner of Premier Law Group. “They place their faith in us every day, and we don’t take that lightly. It’s our job to fight for these people, and that’s what we do.”

Jason and Patrick are both very passionate about helping people. After seeing the devastating affects that can be caused by a car accident, they have embarked on a lifelong pursuit of helping those who don’t know and understand the complicated legal system as they do. Partnering up and founding Premier Law Group was the best way they knew to serve the greater Seattle area and it’s people. You attract what you are, and the team Jason and Patrick have assembled at Premier Law Group are top notch. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things for our clients.

Expertise awards Premier Law Group Best Car Accident Lawyers in Renton 2021

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