Personal Injury Attorneys in Seattle, WA

When you are searching for a Seattle personal injury lawyer we know that all of the information can be overwhelming.

After being injured through no fault of your own, aside from restoring your health, one of the most important things you want is a fair compensation for your injuries. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer at Premier Law Group can help. Our team consists of dedicated, knowledgeable Seattle personal injury attorneys with many years of experience in their field. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases in Seattle and all of Washington state.

You may also want to read our FAQ Choosing the right attorney so you can arm yourself with the knowledge to maximize your recovery

Your First Step After a Car Accident

Download Our Free Car Accident Guide!The Truth About Auto Accidents Book

At Premier Law Group, we believe in educating people who have been injured in car accidents so they can make good decisions regarding their situations. That’s why one of our partners, Jason Epstein,  wrote a guide called The Truth About Washington Auto Accidents and we give it away for free. In this guide you’ll discover:

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  • The one document you should never sign for an insurance company.

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The Premier Law Group Advantage

At Premier Law Group, there are a few things that make us “different”. First, we’re straightforward. If you don’t need an attorney to settle your claim, we’ll tell you up front. Second, we offer free initial consultations. Our personal injury lawyers approach these consultations as conversations. In other words, we speak with you, not at you. With car accident cases, you pay nothing up front and don’t pay fees unless we win. And finally, we’re award-winning, media-recognized Seattle personal injury lawyers with great reviews. Service, results, and satisfaction are important to us.

Our injury attorneys represent people involved in car accidents, trucking accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bite injuries and more. We even handle employment law cases involving sexual harassment, unlawful termination, and other employment disputes. Our Seattle personal injury lawyers worked on hundreds of personal injury cases and are highly qualified to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Seattle, WA

Should I accept a settlement offer from the insurance company?

When dealing with insurance companies, it is important to remember that they are not on your side. They will do everything in their power to offer you a low-ball settlement or even deny your claim. It is generally best not to accept the first offer until you have a thorough assessment of the damages that you have sustained. Before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company, it is always best to consult with an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer who can provide you guidance in navigating an offer from an insurance company.

What damages can I recover from a personal injury accident in Seattle, WA?

There are different categories of damages you can recover if you have been involved in a personal injury accident in Seattle. Typically, there are two categories of damages that an accident victim can recover: general damages and special damages. General damages are considered the non-economic impacts that result from a personal injury accident. These can include pain and suffering, loss of consortium or companionship (basically, the damage that occurs to one’s personal relationships as a result of the accident) as well as other negative impacts on the quality of life of a person that occurs as a result of the accident. It is difficult to assign a precise dollar value to general damages. However, general damages do have a legitimate and lasting impact on a person’s life so these should be taken into consideration as damages that a victim could seek to recover. Special damages refer to the economic damages of having sustained a personal injury. These include things like medical bills and lost wages and are generally easier to quantify. Since every case is unique and every person is different, the damages that you can recover from a personal injury accident in Seattle will be dependent on the extent of your injuries and the impact of these on the quality of your life. An experienced personal injury attorney in Seattle will be able to help you determine the amount that you may be able to recover based on your unique case.

How long will it take for my personal injury claim to settle in Seattle, WA?

Every case is unique and the length of time it takes to resolve a case varies. A competent and experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer will never settle a claim before the full extent of the client’s injuries are known. For this reason, it is important for you to have completed your medical treatment. Once you have done so, your attorney will help you determine how to move forward to settle your personal injury claim and recover compensation.