What Questions Can a Business Ask You During a Job Interview?

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There are some limitations to the types of questions a potential employer may ask you in an interview.

If an Interviewer Asks Questions About Your Personal Life

You DO NOT have to ask questions about your personal life. For example:

  • Your marriage status/love life
  • If you have children
  • Your hobbies (if you don’t want to share)
  • Questions about your home or what you own

If any of these are asked in an interview, politely tell the interviewer that those questions are personal and have no bearing on the work you would perform for them. You may choose to answer questions about your interests and hobbies, but you are certainly not obligated to answer.

If an Interviewer Asks Questions About Your Race, Ethnicity, or Gender

Any question about your race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation are huge RED FLAGS. First, asking questions about any of these topics is discrimination and illegal. Second, if the interviewer asks these questions, it probably indicates a toxic work culture that lacks boundaries or emotional intelligence.

If you believe you were denied a job because you refused to answer a question that you think might be illegal to ask, give us a call at 206-285-1743 to speak with one of our experienced employment attorneys immediately.

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