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The news of a young life cut short never comes easily, even after spending years as a Kent wrongful death attorney and working with Seattle motorcycle accident and Bellevue auto accident cases. Starting off the new year the Seattle area has witness a horrendous amount of fatal auto accidents like that of a 23-year-old Redmond man killed over the weekend.

Police received several calls at approximately 3 a.m. Saturday January 8th after several neighbors in a Redmond neighborhood were awoken by the sounds of a car crash. Emergency crews reported to Northeast 40th Street and Bellevue-Redmond Road to find a car wrecked in a wooded area off the road. The 2000, 4-door Acura was mangled in a large tree and Ever Ramirez, a 23-year-old Redmond man, was found dead inside the wreck.

The medical examiner has cited significant trauma to the head and torso as the cause of death. Ramirez was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and the airbags had deployed, but excessive speed appears to have taken the young man’s life. Police have stated that there were no signs of drug of alcohol abuse at the scene of the accident, and it appears there was no attempt to slow down before the accident.

Our thoughts go out to the Ramirez family and all those affected by this tragic fatal auto accident. Sadly, a 40% of fatal auto accidents for 16-25 year-olds are due to speeding. As a parent, this number is frightening, but there are a few things you can do when your child reaches the driving age to protect them:

  • Talk to them about driving safely
  • Let them drive with you in the car often
  • Enroll them in a defensive driving course

For more information on teaching your teen to drive visit our parent resources page where you can find articles on teaching your teen to drive, talking to your kids about drunk driving, and more.

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