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Train collisions do not happen very often but when they do they can become extremely devastating for everyone involved. According to The Seattle Times, a vehicle was struck by freight train, killing the driver of the vehicle instantly. The incident occurred at a railroad crossing in Ephrata, Washington on Tuesday morning. An 81 year old man driving a Jeep Cherokee died in the accident around 9am after being struck by a westbound freight train. The train suffered damage on its lead locomotive but no injuries were reported by the trains crew members. Officials are investigating how the vehicle ended up on the railroad tracks when this particular crossing contains gates, flashing lights and bells as a warning signal of the approaching train. This collision delayed five other trains of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe line throughout the morning while officials evaluated the scene.

The Federal Railroad Administration has documented that in the year 2011, there were around 640 fatal train collisions in the United States. Of those fatal accidents, 21 occurred in the state of Washington. Following all railroad safety procedures is important in order to avoid fatal train collisions. Only using designated crosswalks and vehicle crossing areas as well as listening to all railroad warning signals, will help both pedestrians and other vehicles remain safe around the tracks.

The loss of a loved one or even serious personal injuries due to dangerous train accidents are devastating and life changing events that can lead to emotional as well as physical pain. Wrongful death is often seen in transportation related accidents and if you have questions concerning the death of a loved one, then seek the help of a compassionate wrongful death attorney. Our hearts go out to the friends and families of all transportation accident victims.


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