Hip Arthroplasty

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I have seen many injuries occur in parts of the body that most people do not even consider when they think about auto accidents. One of these areas is the hip. While seat belts do a lot of good in preventing most hip injuries, some accidents are bad enough to cause serious damage to the joint connecting the pelvis and femur. When the hip is severely hurt in a car accident, surgery may be the only option. Doctors can perform what is known as a hip arthroplasty, or hip replacement, where the joint is completely replaced by an artificial ball and stem.

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The hip is an essential joint in allowing lower body movement. Hip arthroplasty is most commonly used to treat joint failure caused by disease or wear and tear, but can also be used to treat serious damage from a high speed car crash. The potential to injure a hip in an auto accident is greatly increased without the use of a seat belt, but can happen when the collision results in direct force on the joint. This can result in a number of injuries, including a strain or fracture. For healthy adults, it takes a very strong impact to break a hip, and high speed car accidents are one of the most common causes. Immediate symptoms include swelling, pain and bruising in the hip area, and it may also make walking virtually impossible. If you are in an accident and notice these symptoms, it is very important to see a doctor immediately for medical assistance.

A hip arthroplasty is a surgery that has become much more common in recent years, and has helped many people regain normal movement in their lower body. The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the pelvis and femur, so the artificial replacement has to be able to mimic this ability. The head of the femur, which goes into a socket in the pelvis is replaced with a metal ball and stem. The stem fits into the femur, and the metal ball goes into the socket, which is replaced with a metal or plastic cup. Hip replacement can be a very expensive surgery, and if it is the result of an auto accident, it is crucial to see an experienced Washington injury lawyer to get the money you need to pay for it.

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