Kent Man Transported to Harborview After Horseplay Incident

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As a Kent personal injury attorney working in a Seattle auto accident law firm I know that most teenagers don’t realize just how dangerous of a weapon a vehicle can be. Horseplay and car are two words that should never fall into the same sentence together.

Last night a young man from Kent, whose name has not yet been released, sustained critical personal injuries after falling off the trunk of a friend’s car. Kent police say that the man climbed onto the trunk of his friend’s car after the friend had pulled over to talk to him but that the vehicle began to leave the scene causing the young man to fall off. He was treated at the scene by local paramedics and firefighters but ultimately had to be airlifted to Harborview Medical Center due to his potentially life threatening injuries. Kent police have decided not to press charges calling the incident a tragic accident.

I hope that this horrible accident serves as a warning to other young people out there that horseplay with a vehicle can have potentially fatal results. Driving a car is a huge responsibility and many young drivers don’t realize just how dangerous a car can be. An auto accident like this can cause serious personal injuries or even lead to the wrongful death of a friend, potentially ruining someone’s life. When you’re driving a car you should not be involved in horseplay or texting your friends, you should be focused on your safety and that of the people around you.

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