Man Tasered for Being by His Own Car | Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

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You would hope that you wouldn’t get Tasered when trying to get into your own car, but that is exactly what happened to Jerry Cox in Santa Barbara, California last month. Cox was standing by his SUV when he was approached by a Santa Barbara police officer. The police officer reportedly thought that Cox was attempting to break into the SUV, when he actually owned it. Cox repeatedly told the officer this, but was ignored, and was told to get down on the ground. Cox, who is disabled, told the officer that he was not able to do so. The confrontation resulted in Cox being Tasered and handcuffed.

Cox tried to tell the officer that he owned the vehicle, hat the keys, had the paperwork as well as his license. It seemed that the officer didn’t care. Investigations into the incident have been made, and investigators are saying that he was Tasered because he needed to be subdued. Cox insists that he was not doing anything wrong, and that his appearance was what got him into the situation he was in. Cox is African-American. Police officers are not commenting on Cox’s case and he will not have charges filed against him, according to the District Attorney’s office.