One of the most serious causes of wrongful death is medical malpractice. As a Bellevue medical malpractice attorney and Seattle wrongful death lawyer, I see many cases that involve patients who have been seriously or fatally injured by a hospital’s negligence. The number of wrongful deaths in hospitals is surprising. Hundreds of thousands of people check into a hospital for simple surgeries and don’t come out alive because of a medical error. The 46,000 people who die every year in fatal car accidents hardly compares to the estimated 200,000 people that die every year by medical error.

One of these horrible cases of medical malpractice occurred last September which the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has declared was due to a significant policy problem within the hospital. As a baby was being transferred to the Seattle Children’s hospital, a nurse administered medication without a medical physician’s authorization. Shortly after the medication was administered the infant died. Upon further investigation, 12 other cases were found where medication was administered without a signed order from an authorized practitioner. While the hospital argued that the infant’s death was from natural causes, the Washington State Department of Health reported that there were serious deficiencies in the hospital’s procedures.

It is devastating to lose a child at such a young age- before memories are even made. This becomes even more of a tragic circumstance when the death is at the hands of a trained and trusted medical professional. Medical malpractice and wrongful death are very serious cases and should be handled by an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney. Allow our attorneys to take care of the complicated matters for you. Schedule a free consultation with our Seattle personal injury law firm today.

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