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KOMOnews reported this morning on the first weekday of the reconfiguration of the I-5/Mercer Street interchange which the city hoped will result in a much smoother traffic pattern. As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I know that major construction projects on highly congested sections of road can cause stress and distraction in drivers, which in turn can lead to accidents. Drivers who use this interchange will need to get used to a smaller number of open lanes during the project, as well as a significantly different configuration of turn lanes. Some of the people that KOMO spoke with seemed to be pessimistic about the traffic situation for the immediate future. Of course, the hope is that in the long term the changes will ease congestion and help traffic flow more smoothly.

Driver distraction is a significant cause of the millions of car accidents that occur every year in the country, as well as right here in Washington State. There are many forms of distraction, from drivers trying to multi-task (texting, talking on the phone, putting on make-up, etc.) to rubber-necking at accident sites. In the case of a major construction project, a major change in the traffic pattern on a driver’s regular route can be a source of distraction and stress, at least until drivers get used to the new pattern. For this reason, I urge everyone who gets on or off of I-5 at Mercer Street to be very careful and focus on the road.

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