We haven’t seen a shortage of motorcycle accidents in recent weeks. In fact, they are on the rise, and it seems that they’re occurring almost daily in the Pacific Northwest now that we are seeing more sun. This morning, a motorcycle deputy from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office was injured after he collided with a car. Apparently the deputy was involved in a traffic stop at the time of the accident. Details of how exactly the incident occurred are not known, but the crash is still under investigation by the Everett Police. We wish the deputy a speedy recovery. It has been reported that his injuries were not life-threatening.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers some information for us non-motorcyclists out on the road with our two-wheeled friends:

• Motorcycles can easily hide in a car’s blind spot because of their narrow structure. Be sure to double check for motorcycles when changing lanes or turning in an intersection.
• Predict that a motorcycle is closer than it looks. Its small size can be misleading.
• Allow a longer following difference than usual between your vehicle and motorcycles.
• Realize that often, motorcyclists often have to adjust their lane position for a purpose, such as to make themselves more visible or to minimize the effects of debris on the road.

If we all know and understand how motorcycles work, we can all create safer roads.

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