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Alcohoot. It’s a cool name, and an even cooler concept. So what is it? Alcohoot is ‘the world’s first enforcement-grade smartphone breathalyzer.” Basically, you take the Alcohoot and plug it right into your smartphone. Not only is it’s design functional, it’s pretty nice-looking too. But the main thing is, it was made to help you monitor your alcohol intake and measure your blood alcohol content. Alcohoot uses fuel cell censors, which make its measurements super accurate.

The Alcohoot comes to the market from Israel, where founders Jonathan Ofir and Ben Biron wanted to designs something that was affordable, easy to carry around, functional and accurate, as well as appealing to the eye. In addition to measuring your BAC, Alcohoot offers a feature that monitors your drunkenness over the course of an entire evening. If Alcohoot has determined that you’ve had one (or a few) too many, it will come up with restaurants and taxi services in the area so that you can get home safely.

What abuout calibration? Alcohoot is offering to send users of their product a calibrated device and return shipping label, so you can send the old one back in in exchange for the new one, at no cost to you but a moment of your time.

The Alcohoot isn’t available for purchase… yet. It is expected to hit the market after enough capital is raised.

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