Port Angeles Intentional Assault Auto Accident

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In Washington State, there were 103,000 car accidents reported in 2009. Almost 35 percent resulted in an injury of someone involved, and 2,241 were considered to be serious injuries.  As a Kirkland auto accident lawyer in a Seattle injury law firm, I know that unsafe driving is a factor that results in serious auto accidents. Whether it is exceeding reasonable speed, not yielding the right of way, or following too closely, unsafe driving was a factor in over 19,000 car accident related injuries in 2009 alone.  Drunk driving, unsafe driving, and distracted driving cause far too many accidents and injuries each year. The scariest part about these statistics is that many times there is nothing you can do to avoid an unsafe driver.

On Thursday afternoon, a Port Angeles man that police said helped another man escape after forcing a car off the road, surrendered to the Port Angeles Police Department. Timothy Smith, 27, surrendered around 4 p.m. on Thursday and was booked into the Clallam County Correctional Facility on charges of first degree rendering criminal assistance. The driver of a black Mustang, later found to be Michael Moyle, 28, chased down and rammed his car into a red Subaru carrying two adults and two children. The force of the impact caused the Subaru to hit a telephone pole at approximately 11:20 a.m.  After his car died, Moyle climbed into Smith’s truck and drove off. Stewart Baker, the driver of the Subaru, didn’t know why the Mustang was chasing him.  All four people in the Subaru were taken to the hospital for injuries sustained in the accident. One of the children was transported to Harborview Medical Center with serious injuries because he was seated in the rear driver’s side, where the car hit the pole. The accident was an intentional assault according to the Port Angeles Police Department.

While an accident like this was intentional, and likely impossible to avoid for the Subaru, a large number of accidents can be prevented by following certain guidelines. There are three major ways to prevent accidents while you are driving. First, remove all distractions and keep your hands on the wheel. Distractions are the cause of far too many accidents, whether it is talking on the phone, changing the radio station, or eating. The second way you can prevent accidents is to be aware of the road and other vehicles around you. Survey the road ahead to have a better chance of reacting to and avoiding collisions. Watch your blind spots and proceed with caution at intersections as these are two of the leading causes of accidents. Also, watch out for “beaters,” or cars with body damage as this can be a good indication of a reckless driver. The last way to prevent accidents is to keep your vehicle maintained and know your vehicle. Keep up to date on your car’s service checks and know your vehicle’s limits. By doing these things, you can lower the chances that you will be involved in an accident. Sometimes, however, it is nearly impossible to avoid a negligent driver. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, call our experienced injury attorneys today for a free consultation.