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Studded Tires

Go out to your garage or driveway. Look at the tires on your car. Are they studded? If so, make sure they aren’t by next Monday. If you’re found still driving around with those babies, you could be facing a fine of $124. Studded tires are only legal from November 1st through March 31st. This doesn’t mean you should be going up to the mountains without being equipped. Make sure you have chains with you as well as year-round traction tires.

When it boils down to it, studded tires are very bad for our roads. They wear down on pavement like nobody’s business, calling for more costly repairs. They can create ruts that can eventually collect ice and water, resulting in hydroplaning. On top of all that, they also cause wear and tear on pavement markings.

In some cases, studded tires can actually be dangerous. They may cause sliding on non-icy roads. So if it’s not icy, studded tires are not necessary whatsoever, and are actually detrimental to our streets. Although we got a little taste of snow and wintery weather on our first day of spring, it’s about time we say goodbye to our studded tires until November at the very earliest.

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