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As a Seattle car accident attorney, I recognize that there are all kinds of strange circumstances that one might encounter while driving. The unpredictability of the road and nature around it can often catch us off guard. reported about a car hitting a deer in the early morning of Tuesday October 18th. Hitting a deer is uncommon enough but the strange result of this accident was surprising to everyone. While driving southbound on I-5 near Olympia, an unsuspecting vehicle struck a deer from the front. The deer initially hit the windshield and then flipped in the air and landed in the back window of the car. The driver of the 2001 Hyundai was not seriously injured and was able to pull over onto the shoulder. Even though in this situation no one was injured, this could have potentially been extremely dangerous for the driver and others in the nearby vicinity. Animals cause accidents in many locations, this collision could have easily happened on the roads of a local community like Kent.

Wildlife on the road is dangerous and very unpredictable. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2000, around 247,000 car accidents involved incidents in which the vehicle directly hit an animal on the roadway. Furthermore, an estimated 200 fatalities resulted from crashes involving animals from that year. Animals on the road are inevitable and are something that drivers should be aware of and take into consideration when traveling.

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