3 Safe Driving Tips for Driving on Snowy Roads in Washington

The snow in Washington state can be as enchanting as it is deadly. When you take to the roads this winter, make sure you have done everything you can to protect yourself and your passengers from slips, slides, and other roadway accidents. This includes decking out your own car with safety equipment but also driving defensively. While you cannot control other drivers’ behaviors, careful driving can put you in a good position for a civil suit, should you find yourself facing damages.

How to Protect Yourself on Washington’s Roadways

When it comes to outsmarting Father Winter, drivers in Washington can put a few good tricks to use. These include:

Kitting Out Your Tires

Washington’s winters have always been awash in ice, snow, and rain. With that in mind, a smart driver gets ahead of the weather. Drivers should check the tread on their tires and equip any essential add-ons – chains in rural areas, for example – to ensure that they can remain safely on the road. Interested drivers can schedule appointments with their local auto shops to learn more about the tools that can help keep them safe throughout the winter.

Obeying Traffic Safety Laws

It is always in a driver’s best interests to follow Washington’s roadway laws. These laws, paired with the implicit duty of care drivers owe to one another, promote roadway safety – especially during the holiday season. If the weather starts to turn, drivers must rely on one another to avoid abrupt lane changes, drifting, and other roadway accidents.

What is more, holding to Washington state’s roadway laws gives some drivers a legal out. Should a careful driver end up in a roadway accident, they can elaborate on the laws they were following while identifying the party that might otherwise be liable for their losses.

Keeping an Eye on the Road

It is easier than drivers might think to get distracted while behind the wheel. Even if a driver is not actively texting, someone who is singing, eating, or trying to have a conversation while navigating area traffic may be endangering themselves and their passengers. As such, be aware of the conditions on Washington’s road. A driver heading out on a day that is well-known for its busy interstates should try to reduce all risk of distraction before heading into Washington’s crowds.

Avoiding Snowy Road Accidents in Washington State

Every driver who takes to the road in Washington state needs to look out for their peers. Not only does this need have a legal precedent – in court, it is referred to as roadway duty of care – but it helps drivers limit the damage they might otherwise do to one another. In other words, your defensive driving not only protects your loved ones but everyone else who wants to make their way home this holiday season.

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