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I’m sure that most of you have been to Alki before. It offers some of the most beautiful views of the city, especially on a clear night, has an abundance of delicious restaurants and is the perfect place for a bike ride or walk. Now imagine going to Alki and having your every move videotaped.

Over thirty surveillance cameras could possibly be installed along the waterfront and port in West Seattle to “combat crime and terrorism.” Many people in the community believe that the cameras would be beneficial to the safety of its residents, but of course some remain concerned about privacy. Seattle police are addressing those concerns, stating that only supervisors from Seattle police, Seattle fire and the DOT would control the cameras. Additionally, the cameras would not be able to see into homes, offices and other private areas.

The thirty cameras would bring with them 160 wireless access points and fiber optic cable. The technology would be able to go beyond tracking terrorist activity, protecting Seattle residents more so than invading their privacy. As of right now, Mayor Mike McGinn has not given the go-ahead, but he is expected to soon, and the testing of the cameras could be beginning in the very near future.