Crosswalks are painted on roads for a reason: to protect pedestrians. So why is the city of Tacoma getting rid of some of theirs? Because they were never meant to be there in the first place. Counterfeit crosswalks have been popping up all around the city for three months now, and city officials are not happy. They have cost over a thousand dollars each to clean up. The unauthorized crosswalks, painted by concerned citizens, were put into place in areas that many residents consider dangerous.

But the city isn’t having it. Crosswalks, according to Josh Diekmann who is a traffic engineer for the Department of Public Works, must meet the national standards. These homemade ones do not. The city is saying that instead of being helpful, they could end up being dangerous. They are attempting to find who painted the crosswalks and once they are found, they plan on prosecuting them.

However, some citizens are saying that the crosswalks have been more helpful than hurtful. They have drawn attention to the fact that people drive dangerously in the areas in which they’ve been painted. The reality is, crosswalks are not cheap to paint. They cost approximately $4,000 per intersection.

What do you think about these “counterfeit” crosswalks? Do you think that the people who painted them should be prosecuted for doing so?

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