Target Zero is a program that I have talked about before, that the Washington State Patrol has adopted to try and rid the streets of drunk drivers. The Target Zero Team has saved over 60 lives since the team was created last year and their goal is to have zero drunk driving accidents by the year 2030. As a Washington State auto accident lawyer working at a Seattle personal injury law firm I know the devastating effect the personal injury or wrongful death of a loved one can have on a family and I fully support the efforts of the Washington State Patrol.

This past weekend Target Zero Teams started to visit bars after arresting drunk drivers that were previously drinking there. It is standard practice to ask a drunk driver where they were last drinking before getting into a car and in the past these statistics have led to police sitting outside particular bars to try and catch drunks before they get behind the wheel. Now with the Target Zero Team in place, this information will lead to the bar in question getting a visit from law enforcement officers and commanders. Police officers will talk to the management at the establishment, reminding them about Washington state alcohol laws. They will also help customers find a designated driver or another alternative way home, giving them a heads up that they will be out on patrol and a DUI will cost a lot more than a cab ride home.

Drunk drivers kill over 200 people in Washington State alone every single year; hopefully with the implementation of the Target Zero Team we will be able to drastically reduce that number. With their efforts this weekend the team made more than 30 arrests and more than 250 contacts on Saturday in Pierce County alone; just think of all the lives that were saved by this added effort by the Washington State Patrol.

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