Ten Secrets About Your Auto Accident the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

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If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may have questions regarding your medical bills, how to fix your car, what your insurance company will do, and the list goes on. Attorneys for car accidents are a specialized group and will help you after the collision. These attorneys know secrets that the insurance companies do not want you to know about auto accidents.

Ten auto accident secrets the insurance company doesn’t want you to know

Auto accidents are stressful, difficult, and painful events. Insurance companies will reach out to you as friends. But insurance companies are hoping that you make a mistake after you are involved in an auto accident — a mistake that could work in their favor and keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. Do these ten things to avoid the mistakes the insurance company hopes you’ll make.

Get enough information at the scene. Important information, including names and addresses of people involved, can help you case. If you do not get the information when it is available to you at the scene of the auto accident, it could be gone forever.

Do not wait to see a doctor. All injuries caused by the auto accident must be proven with evidence. This requires your medical provider to documents your injuries. If you wait to see you doctor, the insurance company will question whether it was actually caused by the accident.

Do not exaggerate your symptoms. If your story is not supported by evidence, the jury or arbitrator will not believe you. Embellishing your injuries will only make you look like you are trying to fool them to get money.

Be completely honest with your attorney. If you make a claim of bodily injury, every aspect of your life will be examined. Everything from your work history, your medical history, your lifestyle, your background, and family life will be looked in to. Your attorney can’t protect something if we don’t know about it. With insurance companies endless resources; it is best to be forthcoming about your entire history in order for your attorney to protect you.

Do not try to hide past accidents. You have an obligation to disclose any previous accidents you have been involved in. Hiding these accidents will only make you look less credible.

Do not under report your injuries. An auto accident injury case is no place to appear as a “tough guy.” Hiding injuries to look brave can be just as detrimental to your case as exaggerating your injuries. Even the smallest injury has to be reported to your doctor.

Do not miss your doctor appointments or have “gaps” in your treatment. Any time you miss an appointment, it appears that you are not actually injured. It is also difficult to explain to a jury why any appointment was missed.

Follow your doctor’s advice. Doing what the doctor has suggested shows that you want to get better.

Do not hide prior or later injuries. It is vital that you are honest and up front with your lawyer about any and all injuries from before and after the accident. Only then will they know how to effectively present your case.

Keep accurate tax returns. If you have lost money because of an auto accident, the best way to show this is through tax returns. If your returns are missing or inaccurate, it is difficult to prove that you have actually lost money.

Not making any of these mistakes will help your attorney present your case in the best way. Were you or a loved one injured in an accident? Do you need more information about recovering from an auto accident injury? Please contact me.

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