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Sometimes auto accidents are unavoidable, and it is every parent’s worst fear that they will get into an accident with their kids in the car.  A story of an accident yesterday might make you feel a little safer about being on the road (and a little better about your fellow drivers!)

A mother was driving with her two children, 8 and 1 month old, on SR-3 Monday morning. The icy road caused their BMW to skid while changing lanes and strike a Fed Ex truck head-on. The BMW was pushed back into he southbound lanes and struck another vehicle. The front of the BMW caught fire post-impact, but the driver had injured her pelvis and was unable to get her children to safety.

It was at this moment that four witnesses rushed to the scene and pulled the driver and her two children to safety. The children were unhurt, but their mother was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital for her pelvis injury. A minor leg injury sustained by the Fed Ex driver was the only other injury at the scene. It appears that the mother will likely be cited for the accident, as her tires were found to have low traction.

This family expressed gratitude for those brave individuals who likely saves their lives. It is very lucky that the children and other drivers were not more seriously injured in the accident.  With unpredictable and often treacherous road conditions, it is important to make car maintenance a priority.

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