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Of course people are always concerned with who will pay for their medical treatment. It’s not always an easy question to answer. The first avenue of paying for your medical bills is your PIP coverage, or personal injury protection. That’s coverage you have through your insurance company and hopefully you purchased that at the time you bought your auto insurance.

If you don’t have PIP coverage, the next step would be to use your health insurance. Your health insurance should pay for your treatment like it would pay for other treatment regardless of whether it’s auto accident-related.

If you don’t have PIP and you don’t have health insurance, you’re in that unfortunate, rare position of having to pay for your own medical bills as the case goes along, or you’ll have to find a medical provider who is willing to wait for payment until the end of your treatment.

Now, one thing is crucial: Never don’t get care because you’re worried about who is going to pay for it. You should always be focused on getting the medical attention you need to recover for your injuries. No amount of money can make up for your health and your health is the most important thing.

At the end of your case, what we can do is take all of your medical bills that were related to your accident injuries, and require the third-party insurance company to pay all those medical bills. There’s also something you need to know about this process, called subrogation. Anyone who pays medical bills on your behalf while the case is going on, whether it’s PIP or health insurance, is going to be entitled to be reimbursed for that amount at the time of settlement.

It’s important that you talk to an attorney about subrogation, because hiring an attorney can help you reduce or sometimes eliminate the need to pay those insurance companies because of subrogation.

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