Video: What is a deposition?


If we’re unable to settle your case through negotiations and we have to file a lawsuit, one of the first things that happens is the insurance company will either hire or appoint a defense lawyer to defend the case. That defense lawyer will then ask for what’s called a deposition. A deposition is a formal legal proceeding where you answer the defense lawyer’s question under oath, in front a court reporter. The court reporter will take down every word that is said at the proceeding and create a transcript.

Your lawyer is also present at the deposition so they can offer objections if any are appropriate. Once that transcript is created, that becomes your official deposition transcript. That’s important because, if at the time of trial, your testimony changes from your deposition testimony, the defense lawyer will be able to point that out. That’s why it’s crucial that your lawyer takes the time to prepare you for your deposition so you can put your best foot forward. Questions? Call us at 206-285-1743.

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