Video: What’s the dirtiest trick the insurance company pulls on auto accident victims?

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Hi, I’m Jared, and I’m from Premier Law Group and today I’m going tell you about the dirtiest trick I’ve seen the insurance company pull in personal injury cases.

We have seen many clients who tell us about this scenario: After they’ve been in a car accident and they’ve been in touch with the other person’s insurance company, they’ll get a call from the other person’s adjuster saying that they want to settle now. The insurance adjuster will tell them, “Settle your case now, because, we’re offering you a thousand dollars. We haven’t seen your medical records yet, but once we get the medical records, who knows what we’ll find? So there’s a really good chance that the offer now of a thousand dollars will go away, and maybe in a couple weeks we only offer you five hundred dollars.”

That’s a really bad situation to be in. When you settle a case with an insurance company before you actually know what the value of your case is, or before you even know what your injuries are, you’re signing away a lot of money. It’s really important to find good representation because insurance companies will go through hundreds, if not thousands, of injury claims every day, whereas you may only have been in one, maybe two car accidents in your lifetime. You don’t really know how “the game” is played but the insurance adjusters handle this type of claim all the time. Their job is to settle for as little as possible, as quick as possible, before you actually find out what your injuries are and realize that your claim could have been worth a lot more.

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