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My vehicle doesn’t have what I would consider a huge gas tank, but when I went to fill it up the other day, I have to admit that I gasped a little bit when I saw my grand total. And with Memorial Day Weekend approaching quickly, a lot of drivers across Washington State will probably be experiencing the same blow to the wallet that I did. As of this morning, it has been reported that the average price per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.98. Last year, gas prices around this time were even more expensive, rounding out at about $4.24 in some areas.

That doesn’t make current prices any more bearable, though. The recent inflation is the result of limited regional supplies as well as a slow in refinery maintenance on the West Coast. Nationwide, higher crude oil prices are putting a dent in drivers’ wallets. Drivers need to sit tight and bear it for a little while, but not forever. Predictions that prices will drop within a month have been circulating, but they are far from 100% verifiable.

It’s not exactly easy to save gas. You could take the bus or walk. But if those aren’t options for you, here are some small steps you can take to improve your mileage while out on the road:

• Avoid driving aggressively
• Do not brake or accelerate excessively
• Drive the speed limit
• Do not overload your trunk with cargo
• Avoid the use of roof racks
• Make sure your tires are properly inflated
• Only use the air conditioning if necessary
• Do not idle
• Use cruise control settings when possible
• Avoid rush hour

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