Woman Hit by Drunk Driver Upset Over Sentencing | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


Upsetting. Offensive. Lenient. Those are just a few adjectives that you could use to describe the punishment given to Garrett Bakken after he hit Rosalind Hall while she was on her morning run along Lake Washington in Renton. The event happened almost a year ago, but Hall still deals with the consequences of it every single day of her life. She was hit and the driver simply drove away. That isn’t something that you just forget. And Hall doesn’t plan on it. She has undergone 12 surgeries as a result of the accident, metal in multiple parts of her body and needs help with tasks she used to be perfectly capable of completing herself.

Thanks to tips, Bakken was caught, and it was determined that he had been drunk when he hit Hall. But the consequences he faced were nothing compared to the ones that she did. He was simply given six months of work release, which is the usual for a first time DUI. That doesn’t sit will with Hall at all. She thinks that he should have to experience the same pain that she did as a result of his dangerous actions. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Rosalind Hall’s life is forever changed because of one man’s poor life choices. Make sure that you don’t change someone’s life for the worst. Stay safe: use a designated driver or call a cab if you’ve been drinking.

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