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Drunk and reckless driving seems to have claimed yet another life. A young woman is dead after the vehicle she was riding in drove into two barriers on I-5 southbound in Seattle late last night. After the impact, the victim was thrown from the car and died. Investigations by troopers have concluded that she was most likely not wearing her seat belt. It is probable that, if she had been, she would not have been ejected from the vehicle. The barriers hit were on the 6th Avenue off-ramp. The driver of the vehicle may be charged with vehicular homicide, but investigations are still in progress. There were 6 people in the vehicle, and all of the survivors were taken to Harborview Medical Center to have their injuries treated.

Incidences like these point out all of the ways a simple car ride can turn deadly. Alcohol consumption mixed with driving is a terrible combination, and excessive speed only adds to that lethalness. We’re also reminded that seat belts can make the difference between life and death. While it is not positively known that the deceased would have survived had she been wearing her seat belt, it is a likely case to make. Never drive drunk or get in a vehicle with a driver who is drunk. Always drive at safe speeds within limits and ask your driver to slow down if you feel they are driving too fast. And never, ever, forget to put your seatbelt on and make sure that everyone riding with you has done the same. Remember: drive hammered, get nailed. Click it, or ticket!

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