WSP Trooper Lance Ramsay Critically Injured in Motorcycle Accident

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Every year in Washington State when the weather finally starts to warm up we see a significant increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. As a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer working at a Bellevue personal injury law firm, I know how dangerous the summer months can be for drivers and motorcyclists alike; for some reason people just don’t pay as much attention and tend to drive faster in the summer months.

According to the Washington State Patrol, an average of 50 motorcyclists are killed every year in Washington State and the highest percentage of those deaths happen in June, July, and August. Yesterday, 41-year-old trooper Lance Ramsay was critically injured when he rear-ended a minivan that was stopped on Highway 9 waiting for the car in front to make a left hand turn. Although the trooper had left plenty of room between the minivan and himself he failed to notice that the van had stopped because he was looking at something off the road and slammed into the back of the minivan. The trooper was thrown from his bike and because of the force with which he hit the van Ramsay sustained severe personal injuries; including broken ribs, spinal injuries, broken facial bones, and a head laceration. Medics at the scene first transported Ramsay to Providence Colby Hospital but his injuries were so severe that he was soon transferred to the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center.

My thoughts go out to the trooper Lance Ramsay and I hope that he has a speedy and full recovery. As tragic as this accident is, I hope that it serves as a warning to other motorcyclists out there that paying attention is the best way to prevent a motorcycle accident. Regardless of skill level or years you have been riding, not paying attention on a motorcycle is incredibly dangerous and personal injuries from a motorcycle accident are always worse than those suffered in a car accident.

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