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On Sunday, an infant was killed and his mother injured in an accident on Interstate 82. A 2007 Mazda carrying a six month old boy and his two parents was forced to slow to avoid a cooler that had fallen off of another vehicle and as they slowed a Ford pickup hit them from behind. The 6 month old boy in the Mazda was properly secured but still sustained injuries that would later prove to be fatal. His mother also needed to be transported to Yakima Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries. Four others involved in the accident were injured and treated at the scene. The driver of the pickup may face charges and the investigation is ongoing.

This is tragic; especially for these parents who did everything they could to protect their son. We wish the woman a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I know how senseless these accidents can sometimes be. This can act as a reminder to all drivers—you don’t really know how your decisions might affect someone else on the road. You have to be prepared to respond to unexpected hazards while driving (or to respond to someone else responding.) You also don’t want to become the hazard yourself. Be certain that everything in and on your car is properly secured, and avoid being the cause of another tragic accident.

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