Alabama Man Wins Settlement in Sexual Harassment Suit | Bellevue Employment Lawyer

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As Seattle Employment Attorney, I know that in difficult economic times, it can be very tempting to tolerate situations in the workplace that feel uncomfortable because of a fear of losing your job and having trouble finding a new one. I also know that sometimes, pride can make it difficult to stand up for your rights. Many lawsuits filed by employees against their employers are for sexual harassment, and we have all heard about some of the big cases that have appeared in the news. One common thread that seems to run through many of these cases is a male supervisor making unwelcome comments or advances to a female employee; it gets less attention but the opposite can occur as well. Last week, a non-profit corporation in Mobile, AL agreed to a $65,000 settlement in a suit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision on behalf of Donte Bumpers. Mr. Bumpers claims that he was fired from Mobile Community Action, Inc. after complaining about unwelcome sexual comments and touching from his female supervisor.

It can be very intimidating to complain to an employer about something as serious as sexual harassment, but no one deserves to work in an unpleasant environment in which their rights are not being observed. Male or female, no employee should be objectified or disrespected, and each of us should be able to put a stop to these types of situations as they arise. Hopefully, cases like these in which employers are made to make amends for their actions can help reduce the frequency of these situations.

If you have been the object of inappropriate workplace behavior or comments, speak with a Bellevue employment lawyer as soon as possible. Our society still seems to recognize certain gender roles, and as a result, it may be embarrassing for a man to claim sexual harassment against a woman, but the fact is that gender should not play a role in that decision. If you are facing a work environment that has become untenable due to sexual harassment, call me at Premier Law Group at (206) 285-1743.