Anger and Sympathy Are Poor Motivators in Seattle Motorcycle Accident Cases

Although many personal injury claims are settled without going to trial, if your case does proceed to litigation, it is important that your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney understand what is and is not a good motivator for jurors to award favorable verdicts. Though tort reform advocates claim that jurors are overly sympathetic and award huge verdicts just because they feel bad for the injured party, this is not really the case.

If anything, jurors have been bombarded with so much negative publicity about “out-of-control” lawsuits that they come into the courtroom with a bias against the plaintiff. The instructions the judge gives to the juror will also tell them not to consider sympathy when deciding the case. Your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney cannot rely solely on sympathy as a motivator, but must present your case on its merits if he intends to help you obtain the full amount you deserve.

Anger can be a good motivator for jurors to award large verdicts, but it does not work on its own. A Seattle motorcycle accident attorney cannot merely say that he is angry or that the jury should be angry. No one wants to be told what to feel, and jurors are no exception. You’ll want to make the jurors feel angry, but your attorney will need to do so by presenting a strong case, not just dictating what the jury’s emotions should be.

Furthermore, anger is fleeting as an emotion. Even if a juror feels angry at the person who caused your Seattle motorcycle accident at some point in the case, this emotion could fade during a drawn-out jury deliberation process. If your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney has developed a strong case theme the jury can latch onto and remember, this is more powerful ammunition than a transitory feeling.

Despite what you may have seen in movies and television, cases are usually not won because of your lawyer’s courtroom theatrics, but by his careful investigation into the facts of your particular case and how effective he is at presenting these facts at trial through witness testimony and other exhibits. For a free evaluation of your case, please contact the Seattle motorcycle accident attorneys at Premier Law Group, PLLC.

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