Bellevue Rear-End Personal Injury Accident Settlement $500,000

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Premier Law Group of Bellevue recently helped Dan F. win a $500,000 settlement in a rear-end personal injury accident. We were able to intervene on Dan’s behalf in negotiations with the insurance companies because Dan called us immediately after the accident. Even though your insurance company should be on your side, often that is not the case with large settlements.

Bellevue Auto Accident

Bellevue Rear-end Accident settlementA person driving a company truck rear-ended Dan and three passengers in a vehicle on a highway on-ramp. The other driver claimed that a car cut into his lane and he couldn’t stop. Subsequently, he rear-ended Dan and his family.  Dan is considered a fault free client because there were no other witnesses to the accident. There was no mention of the other driver in the police report of the third driver in the police report either, but the driver changed his version of events later. As a result, joint and several liability kicked in, placing liability entirely on the employer of the other driver.

“Joint and several liability is a rule followed in some states, in which two or more parties can be held independently liable for the full amount of a personal injury plaintiff’s damages, regardless of their respective degrees of fault. The parties that are found responsible for the accident are known as tortfeasors. Under the joint and several liability rule, a single tortfeasor can be held responsible for the total amount of damages even if he or she is only responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries to a small degree.”

Injuries from a Bellevue Rear-End Accident Causes Loss of Job

Bellevue Personal Injury SettlementDan worked in the tech industry at the time of the accident. He was also recovering from neck surgery. Dan suffered serious injuries to various parts of his body, especially his ankles.  He had an ankle fusion and full ankle replacement. His job performance suffered due to pain medications, doctors’ appointments, surgeries, recovery time, and eventually his employer let him go.

Top 3 Auto Insurance Lessons in a Personal Injury Case

There are three prominent lessons to learn from this case about auto insurance:

  1. The first lesson is that the insurance company will always be very communicative upfront, They will follow up and they will definitely return your calls. Then you will experience “The Turn” which is when you tell them you are going to contact an Attorney.  Suddenly, they will get very busy and never have time to return your call, review your case, or help you.
  2. The second lesson we can learn from this case is to never sign a release of information for any insurance company, including your own. They will ask for all medical records including those from before the accident occurred. This can give them more information about your prior medical history than they need. If you have a prior injury, it can help them to avoid covering your injuries.

Bellevue Personal Injury Settlement3. Thirdly, it is very important not to take any settlement from an insurance company before you speak to a Bellevue Personal Injury Attorney. Usually, insurance companies will try to settle for $500 to $1,000 in your pocket. They may also possibly include the medical expenses that you incurred in the emergency room. Emergency room visits are only triage. They do not include physical therapy and all of the other long-term expenses that may incur. Often expensive tests, injections, and surgeries take place well after the accident. If you settle at the beginning with the insurance company you will be responsible for covering all of those bills. 

Dan’s Life Is Changed Forever

Dan ended up having multiple surgeries on his ankle in order to be able to simply walk again. Because of this accident, Dan was let go from his job. His life is not the same as it was. Dan’s life changed dramatically after the accident and there is simply no way to predict this from the day of the accident.  Luckily, the other passengers in Dan’s car were not seriously injured. With most accident cases our personal injury lawyers review, this is a common occurrence.  Based on the impact points, speed, and where you are sitting in the car, injuries can range from none to severe.  Dan’s injuries ended up costing him a lot of pain and suffering as well as time.

Knowing how much was at stake for Dan, our team was able to take over communication with both insurance companies and give Dan the ability to focus on his health and a long recovery. Although his life is not the same as it was before the accident, with the help of our team, he was able to pay all of his medical bills ($230,000) and he also received an additional $270,000 for his lost wages and pain and suffering.

How Premier Law Group won a $500,000 Rear-End Personal Injury Accident Settlement

Hiring us as early in the case as possible, will not create an additional charge but, will guarantee that we can provide guidance to avoid our clients and prevent them from making mistakes that will damage their case.

If Dan had not hired Premier Law Group of Bellevue to handle his case, he would likely have had to pay much of his $230,000 in medical bills. Seeking a Personal Injury Attorney from day one of your accident will help to spare you from the challenges and follow-up required to win a settlement.

If ike Dan you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call us today. You will speak directly with a personal injury attorney.

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