Negligent Bus Driver Accidents in Seattle

bus accident attorneys in Seattle Bellevue Renton Federal WayIn Washington state and across the country, bus accidents often happen due to bus driver negligence and inattention. Recent cases show how driver distraction can result in accidents that cause multiple injuries or even fatalities. When a bus loses control, and rolls or collides with other vehicles, it can result in major damage and serious injuries. These injuries can be life-changing for passengers and innocent victims in other vehicles involved in the accident.

Following an accident caused by bus driver negligence, it is important to be aware of the legal rights and options you have. You may be entitled to compensation following any injuries you sustain. Contact the Seattle bus driver negligence attorneys at Premier Law Group today to find out how we can help you.

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Bus Driver Error

In some cases, bus driver error is simply the result of some external distraction. Victims may even be able to testify about some distraction on the roadway. Other times, a lack of, or poor training results in a bus accident. However, the best public transit departments have redundant safety systems. Where these don’t exist, however, a lack of safety measures can also play a role in a bus accident or personal injury case.

Bus Driver Negligence

Generally, to claim bus driver negligence, a driver of a vehicle with passengers must do something wrong.  This is to say, the driver must be driving poorly while traveling with others in a larger vehicle such as a bus. Negligence typically arises through a lack of safety protocols or by not doing something necessary. Poor decision making or poor judgments while behind the wheel may result in negligence as well. Furthermore, drinking, doing drugs or making poor decisions on the road may also lead to a negligent accident. Additionally, a bus driver may attempt to pass one car and then crash into another. In these incidents, the driver or the company that hired them can be held responsible.

Bus Accident Injuries

In these cases, to have a valid chance of proceeding through the courts, the victims must experience certain criteria. The victim of a bus driver negligence case must have sufficient physical harm, emotional distress, pain and suffering or trauma. Furthermore, any injuries to the body will be accounted for within a doctor’s report.

Additionally, any emotional or mental distress or trauma may need a therapist to explain. Pain and suffering are usually present with any injuries that result in harm to the body. Some victims may experience additional problems as well. However, the injuries resulting from bus driver negligence often cause other damage.  These damages may include:

  • a lack of work during recovery in the hospital
  • a decrease in the quality of life of the victim
  • negative reactions to treatment.

Evidence of Negligence

bus driver negligence attorneys in SeattleTo pursue a negligence claim for personal injury resulting from a negligent bus driver, you must have the necessary evidence. For the best results in your case, you must have knowledge of what negligence is.  The Seattle bus driver negligence attorneys at Premier Law Group can help you determine if it was part of the incident. The bus should follow proper safety protocols while operating the bus.  The bus should also have the appropriate safety measures in place to keep the passengers from suffering injury as well. However, if the driver removed any safety measures, this could strengthen the claim.  If the driver removed safety belts or allowed shoes to slip on non-skid floors, this can help your case.

Furthermore, there may be additional issues in the negligence claim that protect the driver. Even when they did something that led the incident to occur. In this case, the claim may shift fault. Losses or damages may become the fault of the company that hired the driver. Additionally, the victim may need to prove another issue caused the accident. This could be poor driver training, failing to implement safety measures on the bus or defective equipment as well. The poor judgment of the driver may also show a lack of knowledge of how to move through traffic situations.

Pursuing a Claim or Settlement

Firstly, the victim of an accident must have sufficient evidence for a claim against the company.  They also have options if they want to settle the matter outside of the courts.  The personal injury lawyers at Premier Law Group can help you with how to move forward with these options.

Typically, the bus driver will have coverage through an insurance company.  They will also be covered by the organization or company that hired them as well. This may result in a litigation battle against the organization protecting the company or bus operator. However, if the victim does not wish to take on the insurance company, they can try to settle the matter in other ways. This is often possible through negotiations or mediation.

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