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As a parent, leaving your child at a daycare facility can be hard. It’s also difficult to trust that others will take good care of your child. Furthermore, although parents everywhere hope their fears of abuse and neglect have no base, daycare abuse is fairly common. While employees of a facility may not physically abuse your child, emotional abuse can also be damaging.  It can result in children bearing trauma for a lifetime.

Additionally, if your child is suffering abuse as the result of treatment from daycare employees, those responsible must be held accountable. Of course, your first priority will be getting your child to a safe environment.  However, you should also contact a Seattle daycare abuse lawyer.

At Premier Law Group, we can help you get the justice you and your child deserve.  We will also fight for full and fair compensation.  This is to help cover the future counseling, medical bills, and trauma suffered by you, your child, and your family.

Forms of Emotional Abuse

The emotional abuse can also take many forms.  However, some of the more common ways this can occur are as follows.

  • Ignoring the child
  • Belittling a child, especially when other people are around
  • Terrorizing the child
  • Rejecting the child
  • Being overly critical of the child
  • Bullying the child
  • Keeping the child isolated
  • Locking the child in dark or cramped rooms or closets
  • Neglecting the child

While emotional abuse can occur on its own, it often occurs alongside other forms of abuse as well.  Abusers also use this as a way of making sure the child will “keep quiet.”

The Signs of Child Emotional Abuse

Signs of emotional abuse can also be harder to detect than physical abuse.  Without visible bruises, welts, or other markings, it can be hard to recognize. However, those who know what to look for can spot the signs. Common indicators of such abuse include:

  • Difficulty sleeping or bedwetting
  • Mood swings and personality changes
  • A loss of interest in activities or games
  • A sudden onset of nightmares
  • Excessive fear or aggressive behavior
  • Suddenly becoming secretive
  • Speech disorders or not speaking
  • Anxiety or fear of having done something bad or wrong
  • Self-destructive behavior and comments
  • Absence of healthy love and affection for you as parents
  • Refusal to engage with other children
  • Excessive shyness

Feelings of isolation are also a common result of this abuse. In many cases, it involves a feeling of betrayal as well. No child should have to deal with these emotions and sensations.

Who Is At Fault For Daycare Abuse?

Despite the wide range of daycare facilities available, such as institution-based centers, home care, camps, and preschools, fault usually falls on any of three guilty parties.

  • An individual responsible for the care of your child
  • The employee of an entity that cares for your child
  • The institution itself for negligent policies regarding the hiring and supervision of staff.

An experienced daycare abuse attorney can investigate the abuse of a child.  At Premier Law Group, we can also determine who can be held responsible for harming your child and take legal action as well.

What Do I Do If My Child Is Experiencing Daycare Abuse?

If you suspect your child is suffering from emotional abuse, it’s always better to take action right away.  Additionally, the following steps are the best way to go about taking action:

  • Remove the child from the abusive environment right away
  • File a complaint with the Washington State Department of Children,Youth & Families, who can then investigate the facility and take legal action as needed.
  • Speak with friends and family about whether they have noticed the same changes in your child. Be sure to record notes as legal evidence.
  • Speak with the parents of other children at the facility.  Collect information about whether they notice similar changes in their own children.
  • Contact a daycare abuse attorney to help investigate and review your situation.

At Premier Law Group, our daycare abuse attorneys will handle filing a civil lawsuit to recover damages to compensate your family.  We want your family to recover from the emotional damage as well.

Why Choose Premier Law Group?

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At Premier Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to helping families recover from traumatic injuries and experiences as well. We also aim to provide caring, compassionate, and effective legal counsel for concerned parents and their families.

Our Seattle daycare abuse lawyers have years of experience handling cases that involve child abuse as well. We can help you navigate your case as well. Our team will also provide quality service while your family focuses on recovering.

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