Dog Bite Liability at Dog Parks

Dog park liability lawyers in SeattleDog parks are fantastic places for dogs to get some exercise, socialize and have fun off of their leash. However, entering a dog park exposes you and your dog to certain risks. For example, your dog could bite someone or you could be bitten by a dog.  Furthermore, your dog could bite another dog, or your dog could even get bitten by another dog. Dog park accidents can cause serious injuries to pets and people as well. Dog park accidents can result in cuts, punctures, crushed and broken bones, scarring, disfigurement, infections, and high medical and veterinary bills.

If you or your dog is injured in a dog park accident, you may be able to pursue compensation. To find out more about your legal rights and options, you’ll need to consult an experienced Seattle dog park liability lawyer. Contact Premier Law Group today for a free consultation with our experienced dog park injury attorneys.

Seattle Dog Containment Law

In Seattle, dogs have to be on a leash in most places.

The Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) says it is unlawful for an animal (except cats/pigeons) to not be on a leash (SMC 9.25.084(A)).  It is also unlawful for an animal in heat to no be confined, as well allowing a tethered animal to enter the street.

Seattle Dog Park Liability

Seattle law uses strict liability in regards to dog bites. Under this theory, a dog’s owner can be liable for a victim’s injuries if their dog attacks the victim. This includes if the dog bites, scratches, or knocks down the victim.

Further, if the attack occurs on public property, then the owner can be found strictly liable for the victim’s injuries. This also applies to dog parks including Grandview Off-Leash Area or Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park. Although dogs are able to roam off-leash in most Seattle dog parks, that does not mean owners are not responsible when their pet bites someone. Moreover, owners should keep their dogs under control at all times.

If you were bitten by a dog in one of Seattle’s parks, you are within your rights to pursue a Seattle personal injury claim against the owner. However, these claims can become complicated. You will need to show the costs you have suffered due to the attack and negotiate with the insurance company. They may attempt to fight your claim by using the provocation defense.

As such, we at Premier Law Group can help you with your claim.  Our experienced dog bite attorneys can help you build your case and deal with insurance companies while you or your loved one focus on recovery.

Seattle Leash Laws

Seattle dog bite lawyers can helpAdditionally, at Premier Law Group, we represent people who have been attacked and injured by someone else’s dog. Oftentimes, the dog that attacks our clients was not on a leash. However, there are instances where an attack occurs even when the dog was on a leash.

In Seattle, all dogs should be kept under control and leashed when not designated off-leash areas. Failing to do so can lead to many dog bites.

Furthermore, according to Seattle Municipal Code 9.25.084, tethering a dog in any place where the dog can enter a public sidewalk, alley, or place open to the public is unlawful. This is to say that, an unattended dog tethered outside a business on a sidewalk or other public area, that is a violation of the Seattle Municipal Code.

Let An Experienced Seattle Dog Park Liability Attorney Help

If you’ve suffered injury, or emotional or financial stress from a dog park accident, it’s important that a trusted Seattle dog park accident lawyer assists with your injury claim. The right attorney will help you access the resources you need to make the best possible recovery.  At Premier Law Group, we can communicate and negotiate with the other party or insurance companies while you focus on recovery. They will want to pay as little as possible or claim provocation but you deserve full and fair compensation.

Our lawyers will negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf or represent you in court. Additional supports they may provide are:

  • Gathering evidence to prove liability.
  • Building a case and strategy for your claim
  • Pursuing compensation on your behalf.
  • Communicating with insurance companies.

Contact a Dedicated Dog Park Liability Lawyer

Experienced dog bite lawyers in Seattle Federal Way Renton and BellevueWe are frequently asked, when should I hire a Seattle dog park liability lawyer? There are a number of advantages to hiring someone right away. The right attorney will help protect your health, emotional well-being, and finances and even your dog right away.

At Premier Law Group, our goal is for everyone who contacts us to end up more informed about their legal options – even if we do not end up representing them.

If you don’t need an attorney to settle your dog park accident claim, we’ll let you know.

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