Gonzaga Student Sentenced to One Year in Bike Accident | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Last year, 23-year-old Timmy Ngoc Nguyen hit a bicyclist and his young daughter who was along for the ride in a trailer attached to the bike. Now, the Gonzaga student, who is studying law, will spend one year in prison. Nguyen pleaded guilty to hit-and-run assault. He was also ordered to pay over $37,000 in restitution. The young girl suffered from a fractured wrist and skull, but has recovered since the accident occurred.

With so many bicyclists sharing the road with us, it is important that we constantly remind ourselves to be on the lookout for them. There are some common collision types that you can avoid if you are aware if what they are:

• The drive out: occurs when a driver enters a road from a cross-street or a driveway and fails to yield to a bicyclist. Can also be caused by a cyclist “coasting” through a stop sign or if the cyclist is riding in a place where a driver is not expecting (and looking for) oncoming traffic. Most likely to occur when cyclists are riding the wrong way (against traffic) or on the sidewalk.
• The ride out: occurs when a cyclist enters the roadway from a cross-street or driveway and fails to yield to a vehicle.
• The right hook: occurs when a motorist turning right fails to yield to a cyclist traveling parallel to the vehicle. Can occur when a cyclist is riding in a motorist’s blind spot or if a motorist attempts to pass a bicyclist and misjudges the cyclist’s speed.