Head On Collision In Bellevue Leads To $235,000 Settlement

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Premier Law Group is proud to fight on behalf of the people of the Seattle and Bellevue area. Jason and the team were all born and raised right here in Washington, and are dedicated to helping fellow Washingtonians. Recently, we helped another Bellevue local named Andrew S. in receiving a $235,000 settlement for his head on collision. Andrew was driving from his home in Newcastle, heading to work in downtown Bellevue. Before he knew it, a driver in the oncoming lane drifted over the median. Not having any time to react, he crashed into the other driver in a head on collision.

Auto Accident In Bellevue

head on collisionHead on collisions are a scary thought, and this accident was no exception. The impact caused Andrew’s car to careen off the road into the ditch, causing further injuries to his body. Being rushed to the hospital, Andrew had to have surgery on his broken pelvis bone. He suffered other bodily injuries, but his hip received the greatest damages.

Most people don’t expect to be in a serious auto accident. Even fewer plan to have good enough insurance coverage to protect themselves if they are in a wreck. Thankfully for Andrew’s case, he was prepared and had the right coverage to cover his medical bills.

Under-Insured Motorist Coverage Makes A Difference

All too often at Premier Law Group we talk with good people who who have been injured because of the negligence of someone else. You see, 17.4% of Washington drivers are uninsured. This puts you at a serious risk to cover the costs of your damages. Under-insured Motorist Coverage (UIM) protects you against damages caused by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. Too many people don’t know this unfortunately until it’s too late.

Under insured motorist coverageSince the driver who hit Andrew was under insured, Andrew might have been left to pay the difference for his damages. This was beginning to get complex. Thankfully Andrew reached out to Premier Law Group. Our experienced auto accident attorneys knew to file a UIM claim. In fact, The majority of Andrew’s settlement actually came from his own insurance company, not the other drivers’. Having enough UIM coverage made all the difference in Andrew’s case.

How Did This Impact Andrew’s Life?

Prior to the accident, Andrew enjoyed playing computer games, hiking, walking with his dog, and spending time with his friends.  Andrew also enjoyed grabbing dinner with his significant other and going on road trips. Andrew also plays a huge part in his sister’s life as her caretaker, since she is a woman with disabilities.

head on collisionAfter the auto accident, Andrew’s ability to assist  with  his  sister  was  severely impacted.  He was unable to lift his sister due to the pain in his hip, which was necessary multiple times a day. In addition to the impact on his day-to-day activities, Andrew was unable to travel with his significant other and missed his yearly guys trips to Eastern Washington. Now Andrew cant even sit for too long before suffering from aches in his hip. This has made it hard for him to enjoy road trips with his girlfriend as well.

As difficult as this was, Andrew was never alone. Since he called Premier Law Group early on, we were there to help him every step of the way. We negotiated with the insurance companies while he got the help he needed.

Don’t Put Your Life On Hold, Call Premier Law Group

Being in a serious auto accident is a life altering event. You should never have to face a complicated legal battle against insurance adjusters just to pay your medical bills. Let alone figure out how much your case is worth while still recovering from your injuries. Too many people put their life on hold to deal with the stress of an accident on their own.

Premier Law Group’s experienced auto accident attorneys are on your side. We fight the insurance companies and help you get a fair settlement for what you lost. All the while, all you need to focus on is getting better! If you have been injured in a car crash, give us a call. We offer FREE consultations, and would be happy to speak with you! Call 206-285-1743 to speak with us!