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Rollover auto accident in SeattleRollover car accidents can be deadly. They make up 3 percent of serious car crashes yet account for 30 percent of deaths resulting from passenger vehicle crashes.

If you’re visiting this page you or a loved one were probably recently injured in a rollover car accident. Or perhaps your accident wasn’t so recent.  Regardless, if you’re in need of a Seattle rollover car accident lawyer, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Premier Law Group know how devastating rollover car accidents can be. We see situations like yours every day. Therefore, we want to help you navigate your situation and get the best possible outcome.

“How Do I Prove Fault?”

To help you best create a case to successfully prove fault in a rollover car accident you should:

  • Collect evidence.
  • File a police report.
  • See a doctor for your injuries.

To help you determine the reason for the rollover car accident it is useful to take steps after the crash.  At Premier Law Group, you can take time to heal while our experienced auto accident attorneys in Seattle, WA create a case for you. Let us prove who is at fault for your rollover car accident while you focus on recovering.

Injuries and Damages Associated with Rollover Accidents


Injured in a rollover auto accident in SeattleWe tend to think that the most common injuries associated with rollover car accidents are severe. You often hear about injuries such as whiplash, fractured or broken bones, internal bleeding and other physical injuries. However, non-physical injuries are common with rollover accidents as well. These include injuries related to mental and psychological health. Regardless of your injuries, your health is at stake because of your rollover accident. You now need money, time, and therapy in order to make the best possible recovery. Typically, insurance is available to help you access these resources – if you handle your claim properly.

Rollover car accidents can result in a variety of injuries – some more serious than others. Common injuries associated include:

  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries

If you were in a rollover car accident, seek medical attention right away. Some injuries may not be noticeable directly after, but you should make an appointment immediately to reduce your risk of long-term health issues such as disability or even death.


Property Damage after a rollover auto accident in SeattleAfter a rollover car accident, your financial well-being is at risk too. Injuries may prevent you from working or performing as you would have before your accident. Either of these scenarios costs you money. There are usually medical expenses and other costs associated with these kinds of accidents as well. If the accident has affected your ability to do domestic chores, this can add to your financial burden. A knowledgeable rollover car accident lawyer can help you determine what kinds of damages you may be entitled to. Damages frequently associated with rollovers include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • In-home assistance
  • Funeral and burial expenses

How to Seek Compensation After a Rollover Accident

When seeking compensation after a rollover car accident it is important to establish the cause of the crash. Therefore, in a personal injury case, identifying who or what caused the crash is the first step. More often than not, a driver causes the accident. However, in some rollover car accidents, the vehicle manufacturer is liable. Therefore, in order to pursue compensation from the responsible party or parties, you must be able to prove liability. A Seattle rollover car accident lawyer can help you determine which parties are liable.

How a Seattle Rollover Accident Lawyer Can Help

Seattle auto accident lawyersIf you’ve suffered injury or emotional or financial stress from a rollover car accident, it’s important that a trusted Seattle car accident lawyer assists with your injury claim. The right Seattle rollover accident attorney will enable you to access the resources needed to make the best possible recovery.  At Premier Law Group, we can handle communications and negotiations with the insurance company. They want to pay as little as possible but you deserve full and fair compensation.

You don’t have to navigate filing a claim all on your own. Our car crash lawyers can assist you by negotiating for a fair settlement on your behalf or representing you in court. Additional supports they may provide are:

  • Gathering evidence to prove liability.
  • Building a case and strategy based on the details of your situation.
  • Pursuing compensation on your behalf.
  • Communicating with insurance companies.

Contact A Dedicated Rollover Accidents Lawyer in Seattle, WA

auto accident lawyers in Bellevue Seattle and Federal WayWe are frequently asked, when should I hire a Seattle rollover car accident lawyer? There are many advantages to hiring someone as soon as possible. The right rollover accident attorney in Seattle will help protect your health, emotional well-being, and finances right away, and give you useful resources.

At Premier Law Group, our mission is to ensure that everyone who contacts us ends up more informed about their legal options – whether we end up representing them or not.

If you don’t need an attorney to settle your claim, we’ll let you know. We’ll even give you an e-copy of our guide How To Settle Your Own Case.

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