A Moxee farm faces a lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after accusations of sexual harassment from several male workers. An employee at Roy Farms, Martin Barrera, made complaints about the general manager to the farm owner and a former supervisor. The harassment, termed “extreme” by Barrera, included inappropriate touching and forcing employees to watch the general manager publicly urinate. When nothing was done, the case was brought to the EEOC. They attempted to reach a settlement, but when that failed was forced to file a lawsuit against the farm. They are seeking monetary damages as well as increased harassment training. The EEOC hopes to improve the working conditions for all the employees of the Moxee based company now and in the future.

The EEOC strives to protect workers from unsafe and hostile work environments. No one should be made to feel as though they have to endure harassment for fear of losing their job. It can be scary to stand up for your own rights, especially when you have to provide for yourself or your family. Agencies like the EEOC exist to protect the rights of workers, but they can’t help you unless you first stand up for yourself. Everyone deserves to work in an environment that they feel safe in.  Educating yourselve is the first step, and an experienced Seattle employment attorney can also help to get you the justice you deserve.

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